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Xian, traditionally called Changan, is the provincial capital of Shaanxi in China. It is one of the four world ancient capitals (the other three are Athens, Rome and Cairo). As the 13-dynasty capital for more than 1100 years from the 11th century BC to the 10th century AD, Xian had been the national center of China's politics, economy and culture. Xian is one of the core cities of 9 regions in China. Each part of the city is filled with history and it is important to choose the right Xian Tours that shows you around.
Tang Dynasty Dance Show

Absolute China Tours is the right China Travel Agency for you as it has carefully selected different Xian Tours that will probably well fit your interest. The length of these tours can be as short as only 4 hours. Therefore you don’t have to worry about spending too little time on other activities. On top of that, each of the tour packages is extremely low priced so you can spend more money on purchasing souvenirs for your friends and relatives.

Some of the attractions included in the packages that you will see are the world-famous sights such as Terra-Cotta Warriors, the Ancient city Wall, Wild Goose Pagoda, Qian Tomb...etc. All of our Xian Tours are entertaining, fascinating and educational. Besides learning about the history of Xian, our Xian Tours are also designed for tourists who are interested in Chinese folk art to get familiar with some local art forms such as the shadow play opera, Tang Dynasty Dance Show and more. Email or call us and allow us to deliver you our unsurpassed quality services of Xian Tours.

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