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Eight Immortals Taoist Temple

As the largest and most important Taoist temple in Xi'an, the Eight Immortals Temple covers an area of 73,333 square meters from the main gate to the rear courtyard. It was built in Northern Song Dynasty and restored for several times in the succeeding dynasties.
As its name suggests, the temple is a sacred shrine to worship the Eight Immortals, who are a group of gods in Taosim. They are Lv Dongbin, the leader of the eight deities, whose emblem is a sword, He Xiangu, the only lady in the group, whose emblem is a lotus flower, Cao Guojiu whose emblem is a jade tablet, Han Xiangzi, whose emblem is a flute, Zhang Guolao, whose emblem is a fish drum, Han Zhongli, whose emblem is a fan made of banana leaves, Lan Caihe, described as a transvestite, transsexual or hermaphrodite, whose emblem is a bamboo flower basket and finally Iron-Crutch Li whose emblem is a gourd.

Annually, there is a temple fair which lasts for 3 days from April 14th to 16th in Chinese lunar calendar. A lot of tourists and devotees will come over to attend this special event. Besides visiting the temple, you can also explore the surrounding area which is filled with fortune tellers, advisors, herbalists, antique shops, etc.
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