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The Tomb of Concubine Yang

The tomb of Concubine Yang is actually a cenotaph of Yang. It locates 500m to the west in Mawei town, Xingping, Xianyan city, and about 60 km away from Xian city. Tomb is in hemispherical shape and mound height is 3 meter. The whole tomb is wrapped with brick. After the tomb, there’s a 6 meters high Yang marble statue. Many emperors’ love stories were left, and that makes the tomb famous. Lots of odes were carved around the tomb.
In Tang dynasty Tianbao period, an armed rebellion outbroken. The next year, the emperor ran to the west. When they got in Mawei town, the army wouldn’t go unless Concubine Yang got slain. The emperor had to force Yang hang herself. The tragedy then happened.
The interesting thing is, Japan has two Yang’s tomb too. There’s Yang’s statue in Kyoto. Legends say Yang fled to Japan, and received Emperor of Japan’s warm welcome. Then, Yang helped Emperor of Japan foiled a palace coup. Since then, her reputation was wide spread in Japan. She gained Japanese people’s especially the women’s respect. Until now, some Japanese women commit themselves as Yang’s posterities.

In 757, Government forces recaptured Chang'an city. The emperor got back from Chengdu and secretly ordered to move the tomb. So there’s no evidence that can prove whether this tomb the original one or new one. The concubine used to be a mound. According to legend, the mound of clay has pleasant aroma and can moisturize the skin. Many tourism girls often take the dirt which makes the mound less and less. To protect the tomb, bricks were used to cover the tomb. And now there are one front building and three side buildings around the tomb.
Author:Will    Posted on July 7, 2014
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