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Tang Dynasty Theatre and Restaurant

To make use of the historical and cultural resources in Xian and demonstrate the classical music and dances from the prosperous Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), which is known as one of the best epoch in Chinese history, the Tang Dynasty Theatre(Tang Yue Gong, 唐乐宫) was established in 1988. Since then, they introduced several dance programs that reproduced the flourishing ages of the Tang Dynasty. People were happy, wealthy and different ethnic groups were living together harmoniously at that time.

The Tang Dynasty Theatre has performed approximately 6,500 shows in the past 21 years, almost a show each day. Its fame has spread throughout the Western and Southeast Asian countries. The imperial banquets in the Tang Dynasty Restaurant called "Spring Fragrance Wafts throughout the Royal Garden" and "Elegant Palace with Beautiful Scenes" absolutely represented the intrinsic culture in traditional Chinese cuisine with choicest ingredients and demanding cooking technique. 

Trying an imperial banquet will be an overwhelming gourmet experience. In addition to tasting the delicious dishes, you will know a lot about Chinese eating habits. Touring the Tang Dynasty Theatre forms part in a Xian trip that travelers can have sightseeing itinerary to cultural curiosities such as the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Muslim Street in daytime and appreciate the classical music and dances in evening. 

   Tang Dynasty Theatre and Restaurant, Xian, China    Tang Dynasty Theatre and Restaurant, Xian, China
Address: 75 Chang'an Road, Xian, China.
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