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Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing Show

Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing ShowXian used to be the capital of Tang Dynasty when China was at its peak time. The glorious life at the time was admired and explored by many westerners, especially the royal or emperor’s life in palace. Tang Dynasty Show is a representative re-exhibition of the lifestyle of emperors and his family in palaces. It is magnificent show of dancing and singing as well as many fascinating shows thoroughly expresses the power and glory of Dang Dynasty. Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing Show in Tangyuegong is most welcomed and impressive when the newcomers or the lovers of Tang Dyansty history and culture see it!

The first performance of the show is a Tang Dynasty instrumental ensemble entitled 'The King of Ever'. During the performance you will see various Chinese musical instruments which are no longer in use. The piece celebrates the appreciation of the people towards their ruler who has brought peace, wealth and tranquility to the kingdom. At Royal Banquets, the court musical masters played this grand number to praise the Emperor, and to wish him a long and happy life. It is hoped that the magnificence and wealth of the Tang era will be conveyed to you through this vivid and lively performance.

Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing ShowThe White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance was choreographed as a demonstration of the flowing quality of Ramie Cloth, which was invented by the Chinese some 1,500 years ago. The Da Nuo, is a sorcerer's dance meant to expel epidemics and ghosts and to solicit wellbeing. During the Tang period, this masked dance would be performed in the courts and among the noble people every New Year`s Eve.

The Rainbow Costume Dance is a very famous dance from the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, the Emperor Tang Xuan Zong had a dream. In his dream he travelled to the palace of the moon, where he saw celestial women, clothed in feathers and rosy clouds dancing in the sky. After the Emperor awoke, his favourite concubine Yang Gui Fei, renowned as being one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history, choreographed and performed this dance according to the Emperor's recollections. The Warriors Triumphal Dance a section of performance was said to be created by Emperor Li Shimin who was the Emperor of Tang in 627-649, and he had been given the title of Prince of Qin. With his artistic talent both in music and dance as well as his military ambition, he composed this dance to express his vision of the powerful, sonorous and forceful spirit of his commanding troops.

Tang Dynasty Singing and Dancing ShowShow of Happy Spring Outing is an instrumental music performance. This performance, you will enjoy a unique and incredibly complex hand-plucked stringed instrument music. Their musical players will demonstrate their superb skills by playing captivating melodies to praise the graceful beauty of the early Spring. This scene depicts the lifestyle and customs of the noble classes as they gathered along Qujiang River outside ancient Chang'an to celebrate the New Year and the great prosperity and harmony of the Tang Empire. The player is internationally recognized as a premier performer of the Pai Xiao, a three thousand year old instrument.

The final presentation of the show is the Ta Ge, a clog dance. This style of dance is an age-old tradition that was popular in the palaces as well as among the common people of the Tang period. This performance represents the people celebrating the Mid-Autumn-Moon-Festival in a beautiful area near the emperor's palace at the foot of Li Shan Mountain. As the people are joyfully dancing, the Tang Emperor appears and joins in the celebration. For the people of ancient days, this was a distinctive honour. In this performance, the Tang Emperor will parade with his noble men through the festival grounds to give his blessings to the people of his kingdom.




price: 200RMB

Performing time: 20:30p.m-----21:40p.m

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