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Stone Gate at Baoxie Path and Cliffside Stone Inscriptions

Baoxie Path is located to the north Hanzhong city. It’s an important passage connecting Guanzhong district and Hangzhong district. Due to it was built I the valley between Bao river and Xie river, it got the name Baoxie Path. The Baoxie Path starts at the Baozhong County in Han dynasty, through Sanjiao town and Chiya, along the Bao River until the Xie River at Mei County. The total length is 235 km. The Baoxie Path was first built in Qin dynasty. People cut stone and set up woods to build up the plank road. The construction lasted for generations and had many times of repair. The consummation of Baoxie Path connects the both sides of Qinling Mountain; strengthen the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the Central Plains and Southwest regions.

Stone gates are on both sides of the Baoxie path. The big stone gate is at the north side in Mei County; while the small stone gate is at Nantang which is 17 km away from Hangzhong city. The small stone gate is also called stone gate, firstly built in Warring States Period. It was built for the construction of Baoxie Path. It also lasted for several generations until it was completed. The stone gate cave is 13.6 m long and 4.2 m wide, 3.45m high at the south gate and 3.75 m high at the north gate. The construction applied the old and tratidional way to open the mountain. It’s also one of the China's earliest artificial tunnels.
Cliffside Stone Inscriptions are on the walls of the stone gate tunnel and cliff of the Bao River. There are hundreds of poems and articles since the Han and Wei periods. It’s called Stone Gate Carving. Among them, the Hanweishisanping, Lijunbiao and Shimensong are the most famous pieces. In 1969, a reservoir was built here. The stone carvings were supposed to flood under the water. In order to protect them, Hanzhong city government cut the works completely and preserved them in Hanzhong Museum. Now they are national key conservation units.
Author:Will    Posted on July 9. 2014
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