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Banpo Neolithic Village (Banpo Yizhi)

Banpo Ruins is a typical Yellow River Basin Neolithic Yangshao culture matriarchal settlement sites, between 5600-6700 years ago. This site was founded in the spring in 1953, with an area of 50,000 square meters. From September 1954 to summer of 1957, Archaeological Institute of the Chinese Science Academy organized nearly 200 archaeologists, 5 times of excavations, lasted 4 years, exposing an area of 10,000 square meters site, obtained a lot of valuable scientific information. They found 45 housing remains, two pens, more than 200 caves, 6 kilns, 250 tombs and production of various types and tools and life utensils about ten thousand artifacts.

Banpo resident houses are mostly semi-crypt-style. Door decorated in original village style, the stone craving of a Banpo girl draining water by the pond and the calligraphy by Guo Moruo at the front hall. They all add a little fun for the Banpo ruins, and give people the true feeling of return to nature, history and art.
Banpo divided into residential, pottery and tombs areas, residential area is the main part. The Banpo people belong to Neolithic; their main tools are wood and stone. Women are the major productivity in Banpo. Pottery, textiles and livestock are all borne by them. Men are much more engaged in fishing and hunting. The museum has three showrooms and one site hall. Here you can not only see the simplicity of human childhood, but also watch the hardships of their footprint.
Banpo Ruins is China's first large-scale revealed and well preserved Neolithic settlement sites. It is the largest and best preserved original village matriarchal society site among the Yellow River basin.
Author:Will    Posted on July 2, 2014
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