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Grand Buddha Statue of Efficacious Mountain (Lingshan)




Grand Buddha Statue of Efficacious Mountain is located on the small Efficacious Mountain (Xiao Lingshan) in Wuxi. This place is originally the former site of Xiangchan Temple, a famous temple in Tang and Song Dynasties. So as to preserve the cultural heritages and express the culture and carry out the religionary policies, under the guideline of the committee of restoring Xiangchan Temple and establishing the grand Buddha statue, a bronzy Sakyamuni statue was established. The grand Buddha statue is located in Small Efficacious Mountain named by famous monk, Tang Xuanzhuang of Tang dynasty.
 The establishment of Grand Buddha Statue of Efficacious Mountain is a big event in the history of China’s Buddhism in the past 100 years; in the meantime it also became the symbol of Wuxi which considered as the pearl of Taihu Lake. The Grand Buddha Statue of Efficacious Mountain is made of the copper. Because copper is everlasting. What is more, the bronze art is originated from the artistic essence of Stone Age. On the other hand, it is also one part of sparkling China’s tradition and civilization. The classic elegance and delicacy of the bronze art are well-known all round the world.


 Looked back to the history of China and Buddhism, each prosperous era has the high-level artistic crystal of civilization. There are five grand Buddha statues in China nowadays, such as Leshan Grand Buddha statue, Yungang Buddha statue, Longmen Buddha statue and so on.














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