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Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum


Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum is located in the side of northern side of Dragon-Head River and near to Jichang Garden. It was established in 1997, specially for collecting and exhibiting Huishan Clay Figurine. Its total area is 1805 square meters, currently there are 5 exhibition rooms. There are 230 pieces of historical works, and 500 modern works. Totally there are 1037 works in exhibition. The works of this museum was formerly the Research Institute of Clay Figurine of Huishan Mountain, which was established in 1954. It collects the model or duplicated works of clay figurine from Qing dynasty to modern days. It is truly exhibiting and recording the origin, development, succession and extension of Huishan Clay Figurine.

Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum is also the only special museum to collect the works of clay figurine in China. Since its establishment, nearly 100,000 travelers from abroad have been well treated. People here not only can see the earliest clay figurine, A Fu, which made in Qing Dynasty, but also the hand-made drama figures as well as many clay figurines reflecting the folk customs of Wuxi.

In modern hall of museum, some introductions specially for clay-figurine masters are also famous and available. Travelers can closely appreciate and feel the astonishing works from those masters. Nowadays, it is a new scenic spot. Other than the hand-made clay figurine, people can also appreciate the charm of Wuxi-style embroidery and performance of bamboo carving.









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