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Yandang Mountain World Geopark

The 294.6km Yandang Mountain World Geopark is located in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province, 320 km from Hangzhou and 85km from Wenzhou. The 1056.6 m high Mt Yandan neighboring sea in the east and is divided into northern and southern part. North Yandang Mountain shelters 102 peaks, 64 bizarre rocks,26 unique stones, 46 caves, 14 valleys, 18 waterfalls, 28 pools, 13 ridges, 10 springs, 7 streams and 2 lakes, etc.

Yandang Mountain World Geopark is most famous for pointed peaks, bewildering caves, elegant waterfalls and grotesque stones. Formed by the volcanic eruption 120million years ago, Yandang Mountain is blessed with unique volcanic landform known as “Yandang Mountain Landform” and is famed as the “The Living Model of the Ancient Volcanic”.

Yandang Mountain has enjoyed great popularity since South and North Period (420-589). Numerous poets, scholars, geologist, Buddhists and Taoists have left their footprint here, bestowing it with large quantities of poetries, stories, Buddhist Inscriptions and legends. Xu Xiake(1587-1641), a famous geologist and explorer who spent all his life tour around China on foot, was shocked by the beauty of Yandang Mountain and wrote a famous essay on it. Shen kuo(1031-1095), a learned scientist, composed an encyclopedia named as Meng Xi Bi Tan(梦溪笔谈), mentioned Yandang Mountain in this book also. Calligraphers Cai Xiang(蔡襄,1012-1067), Fan Chengda(范成大,1126-1193) and Tang Xianzu(汤显祖1550-1616) also devoted masterpieces to Yandang Mountain.

Mt Huangshan, Mt Lushan and Mt Yandangshan have been honored as Top Three Mountains in China since ancient times. Su shi, Kang youwei and Maodun also composed several poetries to praise Mt Yandangshan's beauty. In 2005, it was enlisted by UNESCO as a World Geopark.

What to See

This geopark is divided into three parts: the main part, the east part and the west part. Its main part contains scenic spots include Lingfeng Peak, Three Layers Waterfall, Lingyan Peak and Xiansheng Gate,ect; Its east part consists of Mt Fangshan and Changyudongtian while its west part is composed of Nanxi River. Lingfeng Peak(灵峰),Lingyan Rock(灵岩) and Dalongqiu are honored as "Three Most Stunning Wonders " in this geopark.

1 Peaks

Lingfeng Peak(灵峰): Lingfeng Peak is a most beautiful peak surrounded by high cliffs and undulating mountain ranges. Around it, there are stone chambers and deep pools. Its night scenery is eye-dazzling in particular.

Lingfeng Peak(灵峰)

Wanxiangzhang(万象嶂): "Zhang"means a mountain which looks like a shield or a screen. Wanxiangzhang stretches a distance of over 300 m from north to south. It shelters a serial of scenic sites include stone candle, temples, palaces. Thus is given this name.

Zitingzhang(紫庭嶂) : It is said during Han dynasty, there was a Taoist master cultivated his mind in this place. Since then, it becomes a holly place of Taoism. It is higher than Wanxiangzhang, and at its foot, numerous caves are distributed, intermittent with Hulu Waterfall, Hulu Pool and Hulu Rock.

Zhanqi Peak(展旗峰): Sits at the front to Lingyan Temple, it echoes Tianzhu Peak. This 260 m high peak is very impressive. Legend has it that it is the flag of Huangdi, who defeated Chiyou and moved his armies back home and left a flag here.

Xiansheng Gate(显胜门): Yandang Mountain Geopark boasts over a dozen of scenic sites named with gate. Among them Xiansheng Gate is the most representative one. Xiansheng Gate comprises two cliffs which dash above the ground 200 meters and is several meters away from each other, which bringing a shocking vision effect. The tension created by these two cliffs is eased by two crystal and murmuring streams. The magnificent mountains and the crooked and lively steams add beauty to each other.

 Xiansheng Gate(显胜门)

2 Caves

Yandang Mountain World Geopark has 46 caves, among them, Guanyin Cave is the highest, Tainchuang Cave is the most dangerous, Immortal Cave is the biggest while Fairy Cave is the most marvelous.

Buddhism has taken root in China for thousands of years. In the remote cave in Yandangshan, Buddhism leaves its footprint also, though Guanying Cave is not as famous as Wutaishan in Shanxi Province, Putuoshan in Zhejiang Province, Emeishan in Sichuan Province and Jiuhuashan in Anhui Province(the Top Four Buddhism Mountain in China), it has unique charm also. Measuring 100 m in height, over 40 m in width and depth, Guanyin Cave was built along the rocks into 9 floors. Enter the Heaven God Temple, you will see four giant Kingkong statues, then you can climb the stone path of 377 steps to Guanyin Divine Palace. Inside of this chamber, a tiny statue of Buddha Guanyin sits on a lotus seat, and you can only behold one strip of sky outside. One of the magical things in this isolated place is the spring which is so crystal and refreshing that you will feel intoxicated.

Beidou Cave(北斗洞): Left to Guanying Cave sits the Beidou Cave, the biggest Taoism Cave in this geopark. What makes it special is that it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Besides, it is well illuminated by natural lights.

Fairy Cave(仙姑洞): Fairy Cave sits on the north side of Longhu (Dragon Lake), 3 km from the reservoir dam. Measuring about 20 m high, 80m wide and 40 m long, this cave built along the cliff shelters two little caves which are good place for meditation. It is blessed with the grotesque shape, unique perspective and enchanting scenery, thus is a hot destination.

Tianchuan Cave

Guanyin Cave

Immortal Cave

Fairy Cave


 A glimpse of one temple within cave

 Candles in Guanyin Cave

3 Rocks

Guest-greeting Monk Rock (接客僧): This rock resembles a monk with guest-greeting gestures, thus deprives its name. The most ideal site to appreciate it is Stone Buddhism Pavilion.

Lingyan Rock(灵岩): It is one of the Top Three Wonders in this geopark. Just as one writer remarked, Lingfeng Peak is steep and gorgeous while Lingyan Rock is majestic and mysterious. Lingfeng will stir your imagination while Lingyan Rock will calm down your mind. Lingyan Rock scenic site contains Tianchuang Cave(天窗洞), Longqiu(龙湫) and Yunv Peak(玉女峰), ect. Besides, you can see the acrobatic performance here. The performer will jump and dance along the steel wire 200m high from the ground. Time: 10:30am and 15:30pm (Monday to Thursday), 14:00pm (Friday to Sunday).

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Flag Peak(展旗峰)

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain

 Bizarre Rocks in Yandang Mountain


 Lingyan Rock(灵岩)

 Guest-greeting Monk Rock (接客僧)

4 Waterfalls

Three Layers Waterfall(三折瀑) plunges down along three cliffs and is divided into three parts, among them the middle part is most beautiful. It is so magnificent that some people recommend it as the top must-see in this geopark. Enfolded by cliffs, it passes along a half circular giant cave formed by volcanic eruptions. The coexistence of waterfall and crater is a marvelous and rare scene. There is a stone path leads to the cave, and you can appreciate the waterfall from its back and appreciate the blue sky and mountains outside, and the splashing waterfall will produce numerous water drops which will spark under the sunshine. Sometimes, you can see a beautiful rainbow here. It is accessible by the bus in the scenic area, and you can walk from Xianglingtou to this site as an option, it will take only 10 to 20 minutes.

Dalongqiu(大龙湫): Together with Lingfeng Peak, Lingyan Rock, they are Top Three Wonders in this geopark. It has become famous as early as Song dynasty, more than one thousand years ago. Dalongqiu is the biggest waterfall in this geopark. It jumps from the 190 m high Lianyunzhang cliff, offering a breathtaking splendor. Its endless charm originates from the most diversified sceneries varying with seasons, wind and weather. In summer time, especially after a storm, it will throw itself down from the mid air like an angry silver dragon, accompanied by thundering sound. In warm winter day, it will form a rainbow and in spring, it will dance along the cliff elegantly, and disappear in the middle air before reach the pool.


 Waterfall during Rainy Season in Yandang Mountain


 Two Layers Waterfall(二叠瀑)

5 Pools

Shimen Pool(石门潭): Located in Dajin Town, Shimen Pool is the biggest pool in this geopark. It stretches over 400 m long, measuring over 100m wide and 30 m deep. Around it are towering cliffs, you can have a wonderful time in this isolated haunt, an ideal summer resort. It source streams zigzag their ways before converging here into a big pool.

6 Valleys

Shuanglong Valley(Double Dragon Valley,双龙谷): Situated at the east side of Huwu Town, and 3 km away from Sheep Corn Cave, this valley shelters two pools: White Dragon Pool and Brown Dragon Pool, thus is given this name.

What is Fun Here

Drifting along the double stream(双溪漂流): This geopark offers picturesque scenery and many local feature entertainment activities. You can drift along the Double Stream in summer time, the cool breeze and greenness will refresh you in an instant. Double Stream is winding, so the drifting will be so thrilling and full of excitement. Besides, you can play the volleyball along the sand, or listen to the local songs, appreciate the Bamboo dance, join the barbecue and taste the delicious rice cooked within bamboo.

Travel Tips

Best Travel Season: Spring, summer and autumn.

Visit this geopark, you must see Dalongqiu waterfall, Lingfeng Peak and Lingyan Rock. To see the Dalongqiu waterfall, you had better visit here during May, June, August or September (Dalongqiu Waterfall is most splendid during these periods.) To see the Lingyan Rock, do not miss the acrobatic performance. Time: 10:30am and 15:30pm (Monday to Thursday), 14:00pm (Friday to Sunday).If the weather is pleasant, it will last almost one hour. To see Lingfeng Peak, you are advised to see its night view.

Facing the sea, Yandang Mountain is blessed with subtropical oceanic climate featuring cool summer and warm winter, Rainy season here is from May to September. During spring and summer, there is plenty of rainfall and mist, thus is good time to see wild flowers, waterfalls and springs.

Bring the "蚊不盯" ( an anti-mosquito medical spray) when you visit this geopark in summer, spray them into your body before you leave the door and before you go to bed, or you will suffer their bite.

Except Xiangtou Ridge is accessible by bus, other scenic areas only allow hiking. You have better rent a vehicle (150-200RMB per day), and prepare enough food and water.

Special local products: Yandang Mountain Tea(Baiyun Tea), Fragrant Fish(Catfish), Guanyin Bamboo, Goldern star grass(one kind of herb), Shanleguan Bird( its singing is very beautiful which will resonate in the valley like a band). You can also busy dry sea food here.

 Yandang Mountain: Birds' Paradise

 There is a lake on Yandang Mountain Peak


 Yandang Mountain's high Cliffs

 Charming Yandang Mountain

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