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Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

Xinjiang International Bazaar was completed on June 26, 2003. It’s the world's largest Bazaar (Uighur, meaning fairs, farmers markets) and collection of Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, entertainment and dining in one. It’s a gathering place and exhibition center of Xinjiang tourism products; it’s the "window of Xinjiang", "window of Central Asia" and "window of the world". The bazaar was selected in Urumqi "Top Ten Architecture" in 2004 with a rich Islamic architectural style. On the basis of the functionality and modernity of architecture, it reproduces the bustling ancient Silk Road and epitomizes the rich local culture and western national characteristics.

Xinjiang International Bazaar is a symbol of prosperity in business and tourism and also a landscape architecture for Urumqi as a minority city, as well as a landmark building. In Islamic countries and regions, "Bazaar" is an important symbol of the scale of local economic development and market prosperity. The previously world's largest "Bazaar" is the Istanbul Grand Bazaar in Republic of Turkey. Well, Xinjiang International Bazaar has a construction area of nearly 100,000 square meters, 3,000 ethnic arts and crafts shops, 3000 m2 square, nation dining Ballroom that can accommodate 1,000 people, 80-meter-high observation tower, imposing mosque, 55 commercial elevators and escalators. It’s not only 9000 m2 larger than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The hardware facilities and cultural atmosphere are also much better than the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Thus it’s called "the world's NO.1 Grand Bazaar".
Operated in the modern business concept, various shops and collection of souvenirs and specialty goods in Xinjiang, you can enjoy shopping here. Bazaar NO.1 Observation Tower’s building prototype is taken from early Arab architecture "Minaret". Tower is applied with Uighur traditional masonry splicing process and accompanied by Uighur unique "Twelve Muqam" big relief. And it’s equipped with an elevator leading to the top "Western epic" pavilion.
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