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Xinjiang Regional Museum

Xinjiang Regional Museum is China's provincial-level comprehensive museum. As a regional key construction project, it reopened on September 20, 2005. The new museum has a building area of 17,288 square meters, one floor on the ground and two underground. The main building is 18.5m high. The museum’s research work is mainly focused on collection of cultural relics. They have achieved results in repair and replication of clay figurines, mummy treatment and protection, using mesh reinforcement method to repair the broken saddle blanket tufted, using self built traditional small kiln to replicate pottery and exposing and frame ancient paintings.
Xinjiang Regional Museum permanent exhibition follows: 1. Xinjiang Ethnic Folk Exhibition - system introduced 12 ethnic minorities in Xinjiang in clothing, living, entertainment festivals, weddings, etiquette, food, religion and other aspects of local customs, each with grace. Exhibits are rich and won praise at home and abroad. 2. Xinjiang history and relics exhibition - more than a thousand pieces of precious cultural relics excavated and collected from the Silk Road since four to five thousand years ago until modern times including brocade silk, ceramics, clay figurines, coins, rubbings, documents, books, weapons, utensils, etc. It showed the splendid culture of ancient Western Regions. 3. Xinjiang Mummy Exhibition has 3800 years old of Loulan woman's body, 3200 years old of Hami woman's body and 3000 years old of Qiemo woman's body.

The museum has collection 32,000 pieces. There are silky cotton fabrics, many languages, writing instruments and slips, Jin - Tang period wood carving, clay figurines and paper and silk figures, bird and flower paintings, scythian cultural identity bronze, as well as clothing and crafts from fraternal nationalities in Xinjiang. Those constitute a unique style featured collection. In addition, there are some fossils and mummy specimens. There museum also has Mummy exhibition, exhibition of history, folklore exhibition hall, exhibition hall of costumes, theme exhibitions and many other showcases.
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