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Southern Pastures

Urumqi Southern Pastures is famous hunting area in the Tang dynasty. During the Qing Dynasty it is famous ranch. After the liberation tourism began to develop. The Nanshan scenic area was established in 1989. Domestic and foreign visitors continue to come, and received many foreign heads of state and party and state leaders. It enjoyed a certain reputation at home and abroad. Foreign friends customarily called the Scenic Urumqi "Nanshan Ranch".
As early as in the Qing Dynasty had originated Nanshan scenic summer tour. The tourism wellness business here had more considerable development after the liberation. The area has variety of attractions and covers a large place. Except the Daxigou expediton route that extend more than 60 km and through the whole scenery, there are many other attractions distribute in those valleys that close to the Urumqi city. Each attraction has the common character of natural landscape of Tian Mountain North Slope. While their unique feature are obvious too. The total area of the scenic planed for more than 120 square kilometers. Each attraction has 40 to 60 km distance from Urumqi city.

Alfalfa platform
Alfalfa platform is 55 km away from Urumqi with altitude of 2020 meters and an area of three square kilometers. It’s a hilltop pasture platform tourist area. Scenic area is surrounded by mountains in three directions, like holding the grassland in arms. Looking around the scenic peaks of mountains, the wind is blowing through the pines and the vista of downtown is faintly visible. Scenic grass is luxuriantly green, wildflowers are colorful. As if a gigantic, soothing and lovely damask lying between the mountains. From spring to autumn, the area has dozen wild flowers in full bloom one after another, such a beautiful scene. Plus many springs gurgle, red deer, wild boar, marmots and other wildlife glimpse between the grasses. Everywhere presents attractive original features, breathtaking and refreshing.

West Poplar Ditch
West Poplar Ditch Scenic is 58 km away from the city, is prestigious summer resort in the Nanshan scenic area. It got its name due to there are plenty of poplars. In the area, the pines connect together, peaks are towering, gurgling streams flow between strange rocks, villas hide in the woods, little yurts scattered over the open lawn, such lovely wild scenery. Especially the 70 m waterfalls in the ditch, like white silk in the sky, hit the rock and splash the jade out, rainbow looming now and then. Come to poplar ditch, we can ride horses, sing along the melodious ringtones, and feel the quiet and amazing scenery in the ditch. Or you can lie on the soft lawn with sunshine spill down. Watch eagle circled the sky and from not far there’s Kazakhstan custom horse racing, goat catching and other performance. Enjoy comfortable and calm that far away from the city.
Author:Will    Posted on June 25, 2014
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