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Southern Mosque

Southern Mosque is a Muslim Mosque. It was first built in 1919. And it had three major repairs in early of the Republic of China, 1976 and 1987. Southern Mosque covers an area of 4.7 acres with construction area of 464 square meters. It’s all brick and wood structure. The Prayer Hall has inner and outer halls. The inner hall can accommodate about 300 people, and the outer hall can hold 500 people. The hall table can hold 400 people. The roof is in traditional architecture style. The mosque has one imam and 1100 believer families. They are all Hui nation.
The main hall in Southern Mosque is the Prayer Hall. There is a tiles decoration called two dragons playing with a pearl on the eaves ridge. Under the eaves, there are grass, flower and patterns on the five stories painting board. 22 flying dragons are carved on the ridge purlin. At the back of the hall, there is brick wall with wooden door. On both sides of the corridor, there’re orchid, plum, bamboo and lotus paintings on the wall.

The outer hall of the Prayer Hall is 15m long and 22m wide. And the length and width of the inner hall are both 15m. The hall can have 1000 people praying at the same time. The mosque also has preached building, shower pool, imam house and foreign guests’ reception room. Southern Mosque is located in downtown Urumqi. It was the listed as historical cultural relics protection units by Urumqi municipal government. Many prayers from other places come here to visit and worship.
Author:Will     Posted on June 24, 2014
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