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Red Hill

Red Hill is in the Red Hill Park in downtown Urumqi. It’s the symbol of prosperity and development in Urumqi. It’s majestic in momentum and spectacular in form, like a dragon standing proudly in the Urumqi city while heading to the west. 
Red Hill got its name due to the color of the mountain. The mountain is 1.5 km long and about 1 km wide from east to west. The highest point is 910m. The purple sandstone is formed by deposition in the mainland environment dating back to 250 million years ago.

Legend says that in ancient times a red dragon got away from the Heavenly Lake. The queen in heaven cut the dragon in half with a sword here. And the two parts of the dragon became the two mountains. One is the Mayalike Mountain in the west. The other one is the Red Hill in the east. And the sword became the Urumqi River. Although this is just a story, looking from the sky, we can see these two mountains are indeed connected. Due to the formation fracture, they were divided in two.
At the foot if the Red Hill, the beautiful Renmin Park is at the opposite side of the Red Hill park. Jian Lake, one of the eight sceneries of Urumqi is in the Renmin Park. There is also a Yue Wei Cottage built for Ji Xiaolan. He’s a famous scholar in Qing Dynasty who spent the year 1768—1771 here in Urumqi. Looking to the east, we can see Shaanxi Grand Temple, Hantenggeli Temple. The Buddhist shrine Qingquan Temple on the north of the mountain is also in good shape. Facing to the south, we can see a big wheel, that’s the Ferris wheel in Water Park – this is considered as the biggest amusement park in Xinjiang.
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