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Kanas Nature Reserve

Kanas is Mongolian, meaning "beautiful and rich, mysterious".
Kanas Nature Reserve is located in the south slope of the Altai Mountain in the north most Xinjiang. It’s the gold zone that connecting Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and China together.
This is China's only Arctic river basin district, also the only Pala arctic Europe - Siberian flora and fauna distribution. It has the most coniferous forest tree species and wildlife species, minimum human impact and best preserved original ecology. Kanas Lake is the center. Lake altitude is 1374 meters. Area is 37.7 square km. The color of the water changes based on the weather, so it’s called color changing lake too.
Legends say there’s monster in the lake. Well, after years of researching, one of the studies believes that it’s the big red fish in the lake. This big red fish is a kind of precious species - Hucho taimen. It can be as long as 10 meters. According to local herders, horses and camels that drinking by the water are often been dragged into the water by the monster as dessert.

Every time after the heavy rain, climb to the Guanyu Pavilion on the Halakaite Mountain and watch the sunrise. We can see clouds rolling above the lake, sometimes there will be Buddhist light shining.
Residents by the lake are Tuva. They have a long history; there are records about them in ancient literature. 500 years ago, their ancestors migrated from Siberia; along with the Republic of Tuva of Russia belong to the same nation. Tuva preserved their own unique habits and language, Tuva belongs to the Turkic of Altaic language, similar to the Kazak language. In the living habits, Tuva celebrate the traditional Mongolian festival, and local winter festival. They also celebrate Han’s Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Tuva lives a nomadic, hunting life. For nearly 400 years, they settle by the Kanas Lake. They are brave, and good at riding and skiing, singing and dancing. Now they still keep the primitive lifestyle.
Kanas Lake is a famous color changing lake; water color is sometimes green, sometimes blue, sometimes gray-green and sometimes milky. It can change many times in one day.
The mountain in reserve zone is in ladder shape. Vertical landscape is obvious. There are a variety of plant species, many of them rare species.
Author:Will     Posted on June 19, 2014
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