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Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake is a natural mountain lake with the elevation of 1980 meters. The lake surface is in half moon shape while 3400 meters long and 1500 meter wide. It covers an area of 4.9 square kilo meters. The deepest section reaches 105 meters. The water is clean and surrounded by the mountains.
Heavenly Lake is not only a summer resort for tourists, but also a perfect mountain ice rink in winter. When the lake water freezes, many athletes gather here for training and competition. On the snow mountain that surrounds the lake, there are many snow lotus and snow chicken, and roe deer in the woods, mushrooms grow in the ground, and there are also codonopsis, astragalus, fritillaria and other herbs. Exotic animals live in the valley, fish and water birds in the water. Glacier lies on the top of the mountains. You can find many mineral like copper, iron and mica here. Heavenly Lake has beautiful scenery for all seasons. Since the ancient times, it has been a grand spot for poets to praise. It merges forests, grassland, Snow Mountain and cultural landscape all as one and forms the special scene.

There are three water areas in Heavenly Lake. Besides the main lake, there is east little Heavenly Lake to the east, which is originally called Black Dragon Pond. It’s said the pond is for the Heaven Queen to wash her face. The cliff down to the pond is hundred feet high, water falls go straight down to the bottom, like a curtain falling from the sky. And there is west little Heavenly Lake to the west, which is originally called Virgin Pond. This is the spot for Heaven Queen to wash her feet. This pond is in full moon shape, the water is clear and deep, and surrounded by pines. It’s like a bright moon in the sky, lying quietly in the bay, feeling infinite silence.
Denggan Mountain is 3 km away to the west Heavenly Lake. It altitude is 2718 meters. Climb onto the mountain and observe to the west, you can see the full view of the Urumqi city.
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