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The Grape Gorge

The Grape Gorge, Turpan, China
The gate of the Grape Gorge

The Grape Gorge

(葡萄沟) is located 10 kilometers to the northeast of Turpan City. This stripe of land has a length of approximately 8 kilometers and 500 meters in width. The 6,000 inhabitants here are Uyghurs, Han Chinese and Hui Muslims. Grapes occupied 220 of 400 hectares of fertile agricultural land. This is owing to the man-made channels that bring the fresh water of the snow and ice melted from the Tianshan Mountain

The Grape Gorge, Turpan, China

The slopes on the both sides are with trees planted many kinds of fruits such as peach, apricot, apple and guava in addition to grape. Several rustic cottages decorated the densely forested scenery. Looking to the grape racks placed in the shaded pavilions built along the slopes and inside farmer's cottages. The view is cool with breeze blowing, which makes the area a summer resort

Seedless grapes, Turpan, China
The fresh grapes in the Grape Gorge

The greenery here produces various kinds of good quality grapes, such as seedless white grape, Manaizi and red rose grape. The pearl-like white grapes are much sweeter than those produced in California. The dried grapes produced are Turpan's best specialty. They are suitable as gift for relatives and friends. 

The dried grapes are one of the best specilty in Turpan
The dried grapes are one of the best specilty in Turpan.

It is recommended to visit the Grape Manor, which is an excellent holiday village with good scenery and quality services. The Turpan Grape Exhibition Hall and the Turpan Ethnic Uyghur Folk Museum are good tourist attractions in a Turpan trip.
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