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Turpan Museum

Turpan Museum located on the west side of Gaochang Road, which is said to be most prosperous avenue of Turpan city in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, was completed in 1989 and covers a total area of nine Mu. Turpan Museum consists of two sectors: main hall and Juxi Display Hall. And the total architectural area is nearly 2000 square meters. Turpan Museum was equipped with all-sided facilities, which include the modernized safeguard equipment, closed-type and transparent showcase and a group of high-quality exhibition expostors. Currently, the quantity of collected articles in museum is up to 3287. The number of national first-rate collection is 135, second-rate collections 260 and third-rate collections 640. At present, Turpan museum is the largest museum among the local cities. The design of the museum building styles is unique and simple and highlighted with the local ethnic feature and the historical background of Chinese west region. Following the different requirements, the halls are classified into Reception Hall, Display Hall of Turpan’s Excavated Cultural and Historical Relics, Display Hall of Old Corpse, Giant Rhinoceros Display Hall and Exhibition Center as well as many warehouses.

The exhibited cultural and historical relics are more than 300 in Turpan Museum, and 28 articles are under the protection of national level. The main representatives of the exhibited collections are the red colored porcelains and simple porcelains, both of which are strongly featured with the characteristics of the early-period cultural relics. A large amount of silk products on display is the typical cultural relics unearthed on the Silk Road. There are also a lot of the rare and treasured written documents, which are undoubtedly the prefect materials and resources for the research of Chinese pre-Tang Dynasty history (including Tang Dynasty).

Display Hall of Ancient Corpse mainly shows five more-than-one-thousand-year corpses from Jin Dynasty to Tang Dynasty. The bodies or mummifications of Zhang Ning and his wife, the leading characters of bodyguard troop of Gaochang Kingdom, are more eye-catching in that the special natural reasons like climatic condition and geographical environment etc. they are different from Egyptian mums in the aspect of manual operations, so it is truly a valuable and significant sample for archeology, anthropology and iatrology, especially for the local historical research and study of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Tips: It opens regularly all the year and the ticket price is 20 RMB per person. And the team visitors can enjoy a preferential price.


Author: Yoan   Posted on May 8, 2010

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