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Mt Kailash Trekking/Hiking/Pilgrimage 2014

Trekking Mt Kailash

Time needed: 2 days

The zodiac sign of Sakyamuni is horse. In 2014, the year of horse, Mount Kailash will be flooded by pilgrims from China, India and Nepal, because circulating Mount Kailash in this year can accumulate merits 13 times more than in other years.

Perpetually haunted by mists, Mt Kailash is acknowledged as the abode of gods and the axis of the universe according to Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and the archaic Bon religion. Four epic rivers start their epic expeditions from this mountain and nourish splendid civilizations.

Hinduists and Tibetan Buddhists circulate it clockwisely, while the Bon pilgrims clog the route anticlockwisely, all with will steeled by devotion. In 2009, I visited Mount Kailash and met many Indian pilgrims. They told me life is incomplete without a visit to this holy mountain. Circulating Mt Kailash and bathing in Lake Manassarovar can clean all their sins. While the Tibetans believe in that circulate this mountain for 108 times in this lifetime, one can become a Buddha.

The altitude averages at 15,419 feet and poses as the biggest threat for even the hardcore hikers. You cannot be too cautious at Zuomala Pass elevated at 18,471 feet. The capricious weather, combined with high elevation, tells you that the road to the most sacred sanctuary, is by no means smooth and ordinary.


100km from Pulan County,320km from Shiquanhe Town.

Entry Fee:RMB60

Get in: You need to hire a van

Food: Bring some canned food, bread, instant noodles, dried beef and chocolate. Head to Taqin(塔钦村) tucked at the foot of Mount Kailash for a meal. The spicy Sichuan food and meat-focused Tibetan dishes dominate the scene. Looking for tasty and wallet-friendly dishes? Go to Kailash Hotel(冈底斯宾馆), a time-honored establishment near the highway.

Accommodation options: Kailash Hotel ,Dajin Hotel(大金宾馆) and Manassarovar Hotel(玛旁雍错宾馆). Temples in the mountain provide shelter. The condition is basic. Hot water is provided.
Luggage: Store you lugguage at the hotel, or hire a porter (price for reference: RMB 100 per day).
Water: Do not drink water directly. Use a water purifier or water-purifying medicine.
It is challenging for first-timers to Tibet, and not a big deal for experienced trekkers.

Best Time to Go: April to June April 15(Tibetan Calendar) is the birthday of the Buddha, be prepared for the eye-opening rituals and mighty processions.  June 13,2014, Saga Dawa Festival will take place at Mt Kailash.

Do check the weather beforehand.

Hiking Difficulty Ratings:☆☆☆☆

Rate of Happiness:☆☆☆☆☆


Travel Story of Saga Dawa Festival at Mount Kailash



Photos of Mt Kailash and Lake Manassarovar


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Kailash Hiking MapMt Kailash Hiking Map(From India to Mt Kailash) Mt Kailash Trekking Map Where is Mt Kailash




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