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How to Hiking Ganden to Samye Monastery in Four Days


D1 Lhasa—Ganden Monastery甘丹寺—Heibu Village黑布村—reach No.1 Camp at the foot of Shug-La Pass舒卡拉垭口(elevation: 17,244 feet)

Simple Breakfast Lunch: High energy snack Dinner: dine along the camp
Trekking Distance: 17km
Hiking Time: around 6 hours
Take car from Lhasa to Ganden Monastery. Start the 17km hiking at Ganden Monastery. It takes around 6 hours. Pass along several villages--cross a little pass---reach Heibu Grand Valley(黑布大峡谷)---Heibu Village黑布村(it is not far from the foot of Shug-La Pass)
Elevation: over 13,123feet
Highlights: Ganden Monastery, the valley of Lhasa River and a panoramic view of a village
gandam samye hiking

D2 Yamaduo Camp at the foot of Shug-La Pass----Shug-la Pass(17,244 feet)----a lake---reach No.2 Camp at its foot (15,748 feet)

Simple Breakfast Lunch: High energy snack Dinner: dine along the camp
Trekking Distance: 10km
Hiking Time: around 6 to 7 hours
Finish breakfast at 10:00am. Hike 4 hours to cross Shug-la Pass. Descend the slope all the way to a valley. If weather permits, you can see a dazzling river. When reach a valley, camp along a spacious meadow (elevation: 15,748feet). Energy permits, you can climb the lush alpine grassland interwoven with hordes of horses, yaks and sheep.
Elevation: it rises over 2624 feet.
Highlights: alpine grasslands, alpine lakes, yaks and flowers
gandam samye hiking

D3 No.2 Camp Site ---1 hour hiking----Chitu-La Pass (17,152 feet)-----7 hours hiking-----camp at the foot of a mountain (elevation 13,123 feet)

Simple Breakfast Lunch: High energy snack Dinner: dine along the camp
Trekking Distance: 14km
Hiking Time: around 6 hours
Have breakfast. One hour’s hiking will bring you to Chitu-La Pass. Two symmetrical alpine lakes will greet you as you descend the pass. Passing along the lakes, you reach a valley perfumed by wild blossoms and animated by the chorus of assorted birds. The skyline is defined by snow-capped peaks all year around. During the warmest season, expect to see clusters of azure blossoms. A memorable experience awaits you as night sets in. It is romantic to camp along a bonfire, under an infinite starlit sky.
Highlights: alpine lakes, valleys and forest
gandam samye hiking

D4: No.3.Camping site---hiking for 4 hours--Changdu Village---Samye Monastery----Lhasa

Simple Breakfast Lunch: High energy snack Dinner: Lhasa
Trekking Distance: 30km
Hiking Time: around 2-4 hours
Breakfast is followed by 4-hour hiking to Changdu Village. You will pass a village and a temple during the way. Hitchhiking to a truck is possible. This is the only section provisions are available. After exploring Samye Monastery, hire a car and go back to Lhasa.
gandam samye hiking

Main Sights

(1)Ganden Monastery: Elevated at 12,467 feet, Ganden Monastery is the ancestor temple of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Together with the Jokhang Temple and Sera Temple, they constitute Tibetan Top Three Temples.
It derives fame from its founder: Tsongkhapa (1357–1419), frescoes, Thangka paintings, carvings and the grand festival occurring in each June 15 (Tibetan Calendar). Accompanied by throaty chanting and music, a giant Thangka will be unfurled to meet the first ray of sunshine, under the stare of pilgrims by thousands. Its outer appearance fails to evoke a sense of mystique at first sights, but its interior chambers and dozens of silver stupas will.
Add: Dagzê County, 40km from Lhasa
Fee: RMB40
Open:9:00 to 16:00
Get in: Bus from the Jokhang Temple leads to Gandan Monastery. Depart at 7am. Return at 14:00. Return ticket:RMB20.
Time on the road: around 2 hours
gandam samye hiking
gandam samye hiking

(2)Qingpu Cave(Chimpu Meditation Centers青朴修行地): This isolated place is a spiritual sanctuary perched on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River. It once harbors 108 meditation caves, 108 sky burial grounds and 108 divine springs. Almost all the eminent Tibetan Buddhist masters had spent time here, leaving behind a legacy of legends and relics. According to Tibetans, a trip to Samye Monastery is incomplete without a stopby at this holy site. Even today, its caves are inhabited by monks.
gandam samye hiking

Get in: Hire a van (fee: RMB 150/ person) Distance: 10km Road Condition: very poor Time needed: 1 hour
Eating: There is no eatery nearby Qingpu Cave. A stall hawking canned food, biscuits and instant noodles comes to your rescue when in need. Hot drinking water is provided.
A little hostel with 6-bed charges RMB 15/person. You can also camp outside. Intrepid travellers opt for hiking to from Samye Monastery to Qingpu Cave. This 10km plus trek can be challenging, due to the bumpy road, high elevation, strong sunshine and gale. If you are not confident, it is a wise choice to take a van to Qingpu and hike in the return trip. It saves you energy, in addition, you can have a panoramic view and avoid getting lost.

(3)Samye Monastery:
The over 1200-year-old Samye Monastery is the first Tibetan Buddhist temple. Its buildings reflect a harmonious blend of Tibetan, Han Chinese and Indian influences. Its core mansion is modeled after Xumi Mountain, the mythical center of the universe.
gandam samye hiking

Add: 38km from Tsetang Town(泽当)
Fee: Free Its main hall charges RMB 30
Open: 9:00 to 16:00
Time needed to visit: 2 to 3 hours
Get in: Take shuttle bus at the Jokhang Temple Square in Lhasa (it departs VERY early)
Bus to Tsetang Town(泽当), get off at Samye Monastery Ferry. Take a motor boat and traverse Yarlung Tsangpo River (it takes around 1 hour, the boat is roofless, so use plenty of sun screen). Hop off and get a bus heading to Samye Monastery.
Accommodation: Hotels nearby charges RMB 20 to 40.
gandam samye hiking

Best Trek Time: April to October
Trek Distance: 80km
Scenery along the road: rivers, valleys, slopes, temples and deserts
Pack: Though you will pass along hamlets, thick clothes and food are welcomed. You may camp in the wild. You had better use a guide.
gandam samye hiking

Hiking Maps: Ganden to Samye Monastery

gandam samye monastery hiking map
                                               Lhasa, Gandan Monastery and Samye Monastery (click picture to enlarge)
gandan samye monastery hiking map
gandan samye hiking map
 gandam samye hiking
gandam samye hiking
gandam samye hiking
gandam samye hiking
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