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The Site of the Ancient Guge Kingdom



 The Relics of Guge Kingdom


The ancient Guge Kingdom relics are located on highlands in Ali area that takes up an area of 180,000 square meters. Its history can date back to late Tombs period, when it needed to develop its industry as well as fight with neighboring countries. However the contradiction between king and Buddhism leader became so sharp that finally leads to war. In the end, the country was ruined.

Until recent years many ancient treasures like statues, cravings and mural paintings were unearthed by scientists around the site of the ancient Guge Kingdom. And now it becomes a very hot attraction in Tibet.

The relics totally contain 300 caves, 3 Buddha pagodas, 4 temples and 2 halls. And it also built 2 underground paths which divided into 3 levels for people of different status. The highest level is for the kingdom palaces, the middle is for monasteries and the lowest height is for civilian residence. And on its four corners the site has circumvallation surrounded with forts.

Among all the relics, mural paintings are best preserved and they reflected all walks of life vividly. These paintings also provide valuable resources for historians and geologists to study.

Today only more than ten families live around the relics, but they are not descendants of the Guge Kingdom. The relics of Guge Kingdom leave us much to explore and uncover its mysterious stories.

Travel guide:

It situates 18km from Zheda County and the site is very remote with few buses there. You can try to wait passing vehicles but few, sometimes only a few military vehicles pass there!

It is reminded that you need an admission certificate issued by the State’s Public Security Bureau, and then buy the entering ticket in the Cultural Bureau. If you want to take photographs in the site, you may need to pay 50 RMB Yuan. And don’t forget to bring your own torch, because the site is sometimes dark.

You can lodge at Postal Guesthouse, Armed Police Guesthouse or Guge Guesthouse in Guge County with rooms with budget prices. There are 3 or 4 restaurants but the dishes are not so cheap.



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