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Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar

Mt. Kailash is known as Snow Spirit Mountain. It’s in the north side of the Lake Manasarovar in Pulan County. It’s also the main peak of the Kailas Range, altitude is 6721 meter. In Tibetan it means the Mountain of Gods. It’s one of the holy Buddhist places. The peak is covered by snow all year round; the mountain is symmetrical in four directions and in pyramid shape. There are clouds above the peak which makes it more mystical. Cycle around the mountain is 51 km. 8 temples locate around the mountain. Mt. Kailash is generally acknowledged as Holy Mountain. It’s not the highest mountain in this area, but only the Mt. Kailash is covered with snow all year and under the sunshine it reflects extraordinary light. Mt. Kailash is also the Pilgrimage Center for Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism and original Bonismo. Thus it gets the name of King of the holy mountain.

Manasarovar is 35 km away to the east Pulan County. The scenery around is extremely beautiful, Buddhists and Bonismo followers both consider it as the center of the world since the very ancient time. It’s the largest freshwater lake with the highest transparency in China; one of the three holy lakes in Tibetan. Moreover this place is also the cradle for four Asian rivers. Every summer or fall, Buddhists will come here to pilgrimage, and take a bath in the holy water for healthy. Manasarovar means undefeated or victory in Tibetan. It got its name from a religious battle took place by the lake. After Tibetan Buddhist Kagyu won the war with the Bonismo, they changed the name to Manasarovar from another name which has been using for centuries, meaning the Jasper Lake that never defeated. Many temples were built around the lake, and 8 remain.

There’s a ghost lake next to the Manasarovar, named Lhanag-tso in Tibetan, meaning poison lake. Manasarovar is a freshwater lake while Lhanag-tso is saltwater lake.
Don’t expect too high for the accommodation here. We suggest you bring emergency medicine and other necessities with you. There’s a small village next to Wu temple, you can prepare or have rest there.
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