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Mindroling Monastery

Mingdroling is in Mingdroling village, Zhanang County, Shannan District, Tibet. It was first built in 10th century by the Nyingma monk Lu Mei Chuchen Xirao. This is one of the six monasteries of Nyingma Buddhism.
In the late 10th century, Lu Mei Chuchen Xirao built Balin Monastery and spread Buddhism here. In 1677, the fifth Dalai Lama’s cultural tutor finished its renovation and expansion, and renamed it Mingdroling. In the early 18th century, Zungar invaded Tibet and part of the monastery was destroyed, later it got repaired again. During the Cultural Revolution period, it was destroyed once again, and repaired in 1983. Now it got reinstated partly.

The monastery got its fame due to its strict religious rules. They teach "South Tibet" and "three Reysol" Buddhist scriptures, focusing on studying astronomy, medicine, and good at beautiful calligraphy. Some of the teachers of the original local government monk school were from this monastery. Thus, this monastery was called the first institute. Their self made Tibetan incense is specifically for Potala Palace, Norbulingka and the Mainland palace. This monastery has high value of studying the prosperity, development, decline and its heritage doctrine of Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism.
Mingdriling covers a large area of more than 100,000 square meters with polygonal walls. There were two main gates. The bigger one faced to the east, and the smaller one faced to the south. It was well preserved, there was frescoed the porch. From the spots of the peeled off frescoed painting, we can see there are two layers. The inner one is earlier and the outer one is from later time. This proves that the monastery was repaired. Also, the early painting and late painting have different in contents and skills. The later painting has more of elephants, tigers, horses and clouds. And it’s more colorful.
Mingdroling is 15 km away to the southeast of Zhanang County. There’s a Tibetan incense factory next to it. You can watch the process of producing Tibetan incense. The Mingdroling incense used to supply to the Potala Palace specially, so it’s the most excellent.
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