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Basum Lake

Basum Lake is one of the first national forest parks that have the authorization to use this logo.
The Basum Lake National Forest Park has a profound and deep charm; it comes from its pure nature. First step into the park, it feels like walking in a wonderland, all thoughts are clear, minds flow with the wind through the leaves and water. The animals and plants in the park have strong vitality. The peak that covers by snow, the iceberg that melt and condense all over again, the stream that jumps up and down, or the lake that lying quietly in the woods, the trees and the wild flowers, they all fulfill your heart with feeling of life, with experience of vitality.
Due to the relatively remote geographical environment, there’s no human track for long. The scenery here is extremely pure and unpolluted. It feels like man and nature are together as one. The most representative and unforgettable part of the park is the natural view combined by the clean lake, splendid snow mountain, endless forests and wide pasture.
The location where the park is also plays an important role in the Tibetan culture inherit and history development. Mysterious forts, marvelous temples, legends of the kings and the unique handicrafts, they all diffuse the charming of this place.
Every April 15th in Tibetan calendar is their Sagadawa Festival. Many Tibetan people will come here and circle the lake. This is also the liveliest moment of Basum Lake.
Author:Will     Posted on June 18, 2014
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