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Zhangfei Temple



Zhangfei Temple

Zhangfei Temple

  is located at the foot of Feifeng Mountain against the Yangtze River in Yunyang County. It is established for memorizing Zhangfei, the famous general of Shu Kingdom in Three-kingdom Period. It was established in the late period of Three-kingdom Period around 1700 years ago.


It is said that Zhangfei was killed by his underlings in Langzhong. His underlings kept his chopped-off head in order to surrender themselves to Wu Kingdom. On their way, they suddenly heard the information of pacification between Shu Kingdom and Wu Kingdom. They are so scared that they plunged Zhangfei's chopped-off head into the

Yangtze River

 . A fisherman discovered Zhangfeis head and buried it at the foot of Feifeng Mountian, besides the local also erected a temple for him. So there is a saying that Zhangfeis head in Yunyang but body in Langzhong.

  This temple is a large scale building with many small rooms and halls. The most attractive part of Zhangfei Temple is its characteristics in collection and exhibition of Chinese calligraphies created by many famous celebrities. In other word, it is a museum of calligraphers works focusing on the beauty and sightseeing around Yangtze River. The famous historic men including, Huang Tingjian, Su Dongpo, Wang Xizhi, Mao Zedong, Yan Zhenqing, Zheng Banqiao and so on. It is deserved to be carefully visited if you are interested in calligraphy and inscription.


Zhangfei Temple faces directly the Yangtze River and is surrounded by the clouds and the green mountains. Its traditional buildings with typical Chinese architectural style on the highland are most attractive among those natural sceneries. If you take ship, it will be much nearer to it. There are no automatic vehicles. On the way to Zhangfei Temple, there are all the traditional civil residences and the local sculptures. The tranquility and silence will have you forget the crowdedness and dysphoria of the urban life. All the traditional things around this area are indeed beneficial for you to feel the ancient life and imagine the ancestors society.

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