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Yichang County



yichang county

Yichang County

  has the rich traveling resources. The wonderful natural landscapes and the attractive cultural attractions are both available here. Among the 75 kinds of traveling resources the central government fixed, there are 60 kinds in Yichang County.
Among the cultural landscape, there is an architectural group, Huangling Temple. It is the oldest and grandest traditional buildings established in Spring and Autumn Period in Three Gorges area. Daxi culture site and Qujialing culture site, as one of Chinese earliest culture cradle, are much too sparkling. The mysterious hanging coffins on the cliffs on both sides of Three Gorges area is an enigma up to now. At that unenlightened time, how did the ancestors in Yichang succeed in hanging them up to the cliffs? The faraway and mysterious relics of ancient Xisai Kingdom are also a good attraction for you to visit in Yichang County.    

Yichang County

  is located at the crossroad of Three Gorges sightseeing itinerary in Yangtze River and Shennongjia sightseeing itinerary. Three Gorges sightseeing itinerary in Yangtze River is nationwide even worldwide golden sightseeing itinerary. Shennongjia sightseeing itinerary is particular one facing to the international market under the support of Hubei provincial government. Yichang County is the location of world-renowned Three-gorges Dam. It will be the first largest man-made dam in the world.

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