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Yellow Crane Tower



Yellow Crane TowerThe Yellow Crane Tower is a blending of classicality and modernity. It is an excellent example of poetry and beauty that situated in the nimbus of the majestic landscape in Wuhan city. The tower has catered the custom and the need of hiking of the Chinese people during certain local festivals. Traditionally the Chinese are very fond of the Mother Nature and maintaining a philosophy that people must live in harmony with the whole universe. The Yellow Crane Tower is a symbol of a great tradition that exists beyond time and its charm will continue to exude in the future.


Built during the Three Kingdoms Period (about 223 AD), it is said that the Yellow Crane Tower's purpose is for military use. Sun Quan, the emperor of the Eastern Wu Empire, wanted to "the state's prosperity is obtained through military build up", so he ordered to construct some fortification and the Yellow Crane Tower was completed then. During the Tang Dynasty, the military building had been changed to a sightseeing spot. It attracted many men of letters who left a lot of great poetries here.


The Yellow Crane Tower has been rebuilt many times during its 1700 years of history, of which the last destruction was the great fire in 1884. In October 1981, the repair and renovation of the tower began and the project was completed in June 1985. The plan is based on Qing architecture and the building is taller than before the renovation. Now the tower is 51m in height and the square base having sides of 30m each. There are a lot of beautiful murals, ancient poetries and various kinds of cultural relics inside the five-storey tower. At the top level of the Yellow Crane Tower, you can command a magnificent view of the scene along the Yangtze River. At night, to see the brilliantly illuminated tower is an overwhelming experience too.



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