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Mulan Tianchi

Mulan TianchiClose to the

Wuhan's city

  center and the airport, the

Mulan Tianchi Pools

  Scenic Spot is located at the Mulan Mountain in the north of Huangbo District. The Mulan Mountain is the famous female general Mulan. She was born to a military family in the 7th Century. At the time when she grew up, the Turki (a northern tribe in ancient China) had been harassing the border of the country. Although Mulan's father was old then, he was still enlisted in the imperial army. Mulan was deep in worry that her father won't return home alive, so she managed to dress up like a man and set out to the frontier. After twelve years of fierce battle, Mulan succeeded in repelling the Turki forces and kept them out of the Chinese soil.

In the Mulan Tianchi Pools Scenic Spot a 5km-length canyon can be seen, and there are many natural scenes made up of swiftly waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers and odd stones. It's almost an attractive place for per ten steps of walk. There are high mountain lakes on the both side of the canyon and small pools located in different elevations. The beauty of the Mulan Mountain Pools Scenic Spot is like the Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan and the Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi.

The religious atmosphere of Buddhism and Taoism has been strong in the

Mulan Mountain

  since the Sui Dynasty (581 - 618 AD). The Seven-Palace and Eight-Hall Monastery here testifies the piousness of the locals in ancient time. The monastery covers an area of 30,000 sq. m, with more than 1,000 god and Buddhist statues collected inside.
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