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Fengdu Ghost Town

the front gate of Fengdu ghost city, Chongqing, China
the front gate of Fengdu Ghost Town

Fengdu Ghost Town

is a legendary old town famed as immortals and ghosts. Located on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu is a city made famous by the ancient legends of sinister spirits and terrible ghosts that are the essential ingredients in Chinese culture. It is famous as the Ghost City(鬼城) in China

the image of Jade emperor in Fengdu Ghost City, Chongqing, China
the image of Jade emperor in Fengdu Ghost Town

►Chinese ancient myths:
The Fengdu's hills, The Palace of the Ghostly Nation and The Hellish Street(阴曹地府)in the downtown are all concerning the old stories of ghosts. Traditionally, it is said that Fengdu Ghost Town is the end result of human souls after they died in the earthly world. They are to be judged by the Hell Emperor (阎王) whether they are good or evil, and he will decide where will be the proper place of transmigration(轮回) for them. If people have done evil during their lifetime, after their death, they will be tortured in hell, and then their appearances will become so terrible. The sinister spirits will go out at night and the people who did wrong in the daytime will be scared by them. Curious about it? It is also said there are 18 layers in this afterworld(阴间). Each layer means the different sin. Generally, the deeper the ghost they are, the more sin they have. In some Chinese classic novels, such as, Pilgrimage to the West(西游记), the Apotheosizing Tales(封神榜), and Strange Tales of Liaozhai(聊斋志异), more illustrations about the afterworld are easily available. 

the stone sculpture of Ghost King in Fengdu, Chongqing, China
the stone sculpture of Ghost King(the Hell Emperor)

Don't be afraid. The sinister scenes in Fengdu County are just a recall of the old Chinese legend, the ancient temples are veiled inside the verdant forest, picturesque pathways are all around the countryside in Fengdu town.

There are two mountain attractions, that is, Ming Mountain(名山,the 18 layers in the afterworld can be seen here) and Shuanggui Mountain(双桂山). Due to the unique history, cultural connotation, legendary tales, beautiful scenery and irreplaceable sightseeing value, it has been the origin of Chinese ghost-culture research. It is the ghost world. 

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