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Chibi (Red Cliff)

chibi, Three Gorges Area, Yangtze River Cruise, China

Chibi(赤壁) is located in the southeast of Hubei Province. Chibi site is located in the southern side of Yangtze River, 36 kilometers far from northwest zone of Chibi city.
Chibi is the famous ancient battlefield. The historic Chibi Battle happened here, and the cooperation of Liu Bei(刘备) on behalf of Shu Kingdom and Sun Quan(孙权) on behalf of Wu Kingdom, they defeated the northern Power Cao Cao(曹操) with less army than Cao Cao used. Chibi site is comprised of three hills, that is, Chibi hill(赤壁山), Nanping hill(南屏山) and Jinluan hill(金銮山). The greens on the hills and the towers, pavilions and kiosk surrounded by trees give Chibi the magnificent beauty. 

The handsome, young and versatile General Zhou Yu (周瑜, born in Lujiang county, Anhui Province, he was a historic character in China's history, and he were good at music, tactics, kongfu and composition when he was the youngest first-rank general in Wu Kingdom with the high reputation and respect from government and public, and his wife, Xiao Qiao, was also the top-rank beauty at that time ) of Wu Kingdom conducted this great and significant battle and stabilized the basic structure of Three-Kingdom condition. 

Zhou Yu sculpture, chibi, Three Gorges Area, Yangtze River Cruise, China

Nowadays, in Chibi Site, there is a Zhou Yu’s large figure marble sculpture, and two Chinese Characters Chibi on the steep cliff was still predominate and one most attraction in this site. It is said that Zhou Yu wrote it excitedly and happily when he saw the worships of Northern Power were mostly burned by his army. It is not dependable actually, but we indeed could feel the grandeur and magnificence from these two regular characters. 

There is a Baifeng kiosk(拜风台) on the Nanping hill. It is said Zhuge Liang(诸葛亮, the most mysterious man with endless wisdom, he was able to predict the future, and can chat directly with god) borrowed the east-wind from the heaven on Seven-Star Platform(七星台) in this hill.


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