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White Emperor City (Baidi Town)

Baidi town in Three Gorges Area, China

White Emperor City (Baidi Town 白帝城) was a famous small town in the upper reaches of Yangtze River. Thanks to its history and cultural site, especially its intangible inheritance.After the completion of Three Gorges Project, it has become an isolated island with nice scenery.

►Baidi Town has experienced lots of colorful historical stories:
It was believed that this small town was established by Gongsun Shu in the late period of Han Dynasty for grains storage. Gongsun Shu wanted to be a king for a long time, so he ordered his underlings distributed such an information that there was always white gas emitted from the white-crane well in the town, which looked like a white flying dragon (in general, in ancient China the appearance of dragon was an auspicious prediction), thereafter Gongsun Shu became the King in 25 AD and called himself Bai (white color) Emperor, so this town was also named Baidi Town. In 37AD, the Founding Emperor of East Han Dynasty Liu Xiu attacked Shu State, Gongsun Shu failed and died.

Baidi town in Three Gorges Area, China

Later, the local established a temple to commemorate him, and this temple was Baidi Temple. In 222, Liu Bei failed in the battle against Wu State in Three-Kingdom period. Since then, Liu Bei was ill until his death. He made up his will and requested his Prime Minister Zhuge Liang to bring up his son.

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