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Linhai Jiangnan Great Wall

Linhai Jiangnan Great Wall, Taizhou, Zhejiang, ChinaThe ancient city wall of Taizhou(台州) was originally built in the Jin Dynasty, and then extended in Sui and Tang Dynasties, and boasts the Southern Great Wall of China. 

The" Great Wall" had a length of over 6000m and currently more than 5000 meters still can be seen. In recent years, it has been maintained. The wall has Dagu Shan (大固山, Grand-firm Mountain) in the north, Jinzi Shan(巾子山) in the south, Lingjiang River(灵江) in front, East Lake(东湖) in the east. 

Linhai city(临海) sits beside the mountains, while the mountains stand beside the water which embraces the city. What a pleasing picture it is. People would like compare it with the Great Wall in the capital city Beijing.
The wall played an important role in history. Besides keeping the enemies out, it also prevented the flood. On the great wall, there are ancient artilleries used by Zheng Chenggong, the great national hero, Wang Tian Tai, Cliffside Inscriptions by Qing emperor Yongzheng and Zhong-Jin ancient port sites. It would give the visitors a total different feeling from visiting Great Wall in Beijing. 


Taozhu Town(桃渚城)
To watch the outlook of this ancient great wall, it is better to stand in Taozhu town, which is of a better location for looking at this great wall. It is located on Furong peak(芙蓉峰) on the riverside of East Sea, 41 kilometers away from southeast region of Linhai city. 


Taozhu town, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China

It is the special military architecture of Ming Dynasty to fight against Wokou(the Japanese short intruders or pirates in Ming Dynasty). The whole length of town is 1366 meters and the height of town is 4.5 meters. Majority of architecture in this town belongs to the buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Particularly, its streets or folk residences are distinctive. 

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