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Yeliu Geopark


Yeliu World Geopark,Taiwan: a scuplture masterpeice of nature

Overview of Yeliu Geopark
Enveloped by sea on four sides, Taiwan, the shinning pearl embedded among the blue ocean, boasts long seacoast featuring the most diversified scenery in different parts. Among them, Yeliu Geopark in Wanli Village is the most picturesque one. In 2005, it was voted as one of the Top Eight Seacoasts in China.

Yeliu is a cape belongs to the stretch of Mt Dadunshan, thus it is known as Yeliu Cape, Yeliu Nose or Yeliu Peninsula. Under the influence of geological movement, the deposit rocks hidden under the sea bottom initially emerged above sea water, forming one-side mountains, sea erosion cliffs and caves. Then, the sea water and wind play their roles successively, and a serial of eye-dazzling rocks and formations come into their own along this 1700 m long cape including honeycomb rocks, sea erosion gutters, candle-shaped rocks, pot-shaped caves, mushroom-shaped rocks and dissolution plates. Yeliu cape features precipitous cliff against the sea wind and is home to lush coastal plants such as canna, tequila and sea hibiscus. Feast your eye on the stunning scenery, and listening to the lullaby of sea under moonlight is very romantic. After the tide recedes, you can pick the colorful shells and sea urchins, which is one of the top three pleasures here.

Combined with the ocean geological landform and distinctive fishing villages, Yeliu has become a renowned tourist destination and an ideal educational base. Besides, Yeliu is the first stop for those migrant birds when they fly southward in winter, and is their last haven when they departure from Taiwan and fly northward. March, April and October are birds’ migration seasons, thus are good periods to watch birds. Sometimes, you can even see the rare species: White-brow Bunting and Yellow-throat Bunting.

Mushroom-shaped Rocks

 Mushroom-shaped Rocks

 Mushroom-shaped Rocks

 Mushroom-shaped Rocks 

Yeliu Geopark is divided into Three Areas

The first area is not only a kingdom of mushroom-shaped and ginger-shaped rocks but also is a wonderland composed by large quantities of pot-shaped caves and dissolution plates. You can see the mushroom-shaped rocks' formation process in this area as well as the famous Candle-shaped Rock and Ice cream Rock.

Ginger-shaped Rock

Candle-shaped Rock

Dissolution plates

The second area boasts mushroom-shaped and ginger-shaped rocks also, only with fewer numbers compared with the first area. The famous Queen's Head Rock, Dragon Head Rock and Kingkong Rock all belong to this area. Besides, you can find three rocks with special shapes near the sea in the second area: Elephant Rock, Fairy Shoes Rock and Peanut Rock. These three kinds of rocks are all formed by sea erosion.

the 2 meters high Queen's Head Rock

Kingkong Rock

The Fairy's  Shoes

Peanut Rock

The third area is the sea erosion platform on the other side of Yeliu Geopark. It is narrower compared to the second area. Clinging to the cilff, the third area overlooks the surging waves of the sea. You can see plenty of bizarre stones scatter everywhere. Among them, they are Filial Piety Rock(二十四孝石)、Pear Rock(珠石)、Maling Bird Rock(玛伶鸟石) all formed by sea erosion. This area is the homeland of bizarre stones, and also a key ecological protection area.

Grotesque Rocks in Yeliu Geopark

Grotesque Rocks in Yeliu Geopark :Kissing Stone

Grotesque Rocks in Yeliu Geopark with most eye-dazzling colors

It takes thousands of years before those mushroom-shaped rocks are formed. These grotesque and amazing shaped rocks dash above the ground abruptly, which look so impressive and mysterious against the blue sky, that you cannot help holding your breath when see them. In Yeliu Geopark, there are over 180 mushroom-shaped rocks, which shed light on their developing process in a complete and all-round way.

The Queen Head: Mushroom-shaped rock is the most representative landform of Yeliu Geopark, and the 2 m high Queen Head is the most typical of its kind, thus has become a symbol of this geopark. Featuring long beautiful neck, elegant and flowing line in face and a stately air typical of a queen, it derives its name from here.

What Else to See?

At the end of Yeliu Cape sits the Yeliu Sea World, the biggest sea animals' performing site and the only site where you can see the dolphin performance in Taiwan. The largest auditorium can contain 3000 people. The dolphins will perform various high difficulty shows including the ballet, these tame and clever creatures can greet the audiences and are warmly welcomed by both adults and children. You can also see the acrobatics performances of sea lions here. Besides, there is a 100 m long tunnel aquarium, and you can see over 200 species of rare fish and other sea creatures here. What is amazing here is that the exhibition contents are updated from time to time, so you won’t feel bored even has visited it. In dolphin Memorial Hall, you can see the giant specimen of giant dolphins, and the rare deep sea fish samples of Sea Dragon.


Option One:You can take the bus heading to Jilong in Danshui Jieyun Station, and get off in Yeliu station

Option Two: You can take the bus heading to Jinshan or Danshui near Jilong train station, and get off in Yeliu station
Gallery of Yeliu Geopark
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