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Yangchenghu Lake

Yangchenghu Lake Yangchenghu (阳澄湖) is a well-known and important fresh-water lake in northeast of Suzhou city. It sees Suzhou's urban area, Suzhou Industrial Park, Kunshan and Changshu cities (常熟市). Yangchenghu has a total area of 120 square kilometers and it is being divided into east, central and west lakes. Yangchang, in Chinese means the lake water is always crystal-clear and it looks like an emerald when the bright sun shining on it. You can easily see the bottom of the lake. 
Yangchenghu Lake's water is very useful for lots of variety of industries, such as fresh water aquaculture, light and heavy industries, agricultural irrigation and water transportation. Fishery resources are abundant that there are over seventy sorts of aquaculture products, including the world famous "Da Zha Xie"Mitten Crab, which is also known as the "king of crabs".

Concentrated biodiversity and high productivity are made possible by the surrounding wetland, which is a natural barrier and filter to outside pollutants that are so harmful to the ecological balance and protect the essential nutrients in Yangchenghu Lake. Rich resources in biology have also contributed much to the good natural environment here. 

Yangchenghu Lake Yangchenghu Lake has beautiful scenery and excellent natural environment, these are very beneficial for the famous mitten crab. It has four special characteristics : the back is brilliantly cyan, which is very different from other kinds of crab. Its belly is white with a navel filled with soil, the carapace is clear and white without any black dots. The small but long hairs on its legs are in yellow, straight and hard. The claws are in golden yellow, strong and powerful.
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