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Tiger Hill

LoTiger Hill cated in the northwest of the

Suzhou's old city area

, the

Tiger Hill

  is scenery of having more than 2,500 years history. The prominent Chinese writer and poet, Su Dongpo, once said, "It's a great regret if you don't visit the Tiger Hill when you're in Suzhou !" The Tiger Hill has been a tourist attraction since then. The whole scenic area has an area of 579 hectares, now it is still a vital place for Suzhou tour.
The notable

Yunyan Temple's

  slanted pagoda has long been the symbolic architecture of Suzhou, it is the most oblique building in China too. The Sword Pool is a place of mystery, where a king of the ancient Wu State is buried here. In the Wanjing Villa located at the western foot of the

Tiger Hill

, you can see a large series of elegant bonsais, which the scene is beautifully accompanied by the splendid pagoda. The back of the Tiger Hill there is a big, evergreen forest that birds love to dwell in.
The Tiger Hill is a popular place for folk activities nowadays, in every spring, the artistic flower exhibition to be held here. There are a lot precious species can be found in the flower fair. In autumn, a temple fair will be celebrated. Various special folk programs performed by artists from all over China to entertain the tourists and spectators.
The night scene around the Tiger Hill is beautiful too. The area now is decorated with excellent illumination of vivid colors. This added a great attraction in Suzhou night tour.
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