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Half Gardens


There are two Half Gardens in Suzhou city, one is on Renmin Road (人民路) in the south and another is on East Baita Road (白塔东路) in the north. The South Half Garden originally an old residential villa and later the master of it felt that it was not good enough but he didn't like to make it perfect, because he thought that he should be content with his lot. Therefore he called it the Half Garden.


South Half Garden

At the entrance of the South Half Garden, a Chinese couplet runs as "Not to feel happy with pursuing perfect, and no leisure without good taste" that is inscribed by an ancient writer. It is to describe the architectural implication of the garden's master. It is not strange to see that the name of the main hall here is called Thatched Cottage of Half Garden. "Be content with one's lot all the time though the garden is half-built, one will feel ease and leisure if not to demand for perfection." Forest of flowers is in front of the main hall with lotus pool and stone bridge aside. In 1930s the South Half Garden had been a law firm. Now it is opened to tourists.

North Half Garden

The North Half Garden is also known as Lu's Half Garden (陆氏半园) built during the years of reign of Qing's Qianlong Emperor. Initially it was called Stop-garden (止园) and later as Simple Garden (朴园). In the years of Xianfeng Emperor, Lu JiEmei (陆解眉) rebuilt it and christened Half Garden. The courtyard is located at the east of the residential houses and the crystal-clear water pool is in the center of garden. The pool is surrounded by berthed boats, waterside pavilion, winding corridors and tiny "half" kiosk. Thus "half" is the architectural theme here. At the northeast, there is a two and a half stories tower with protruding eaves at each level. It is only one of this kind in Suzhou's classical gardens. White pines and wisteria are being planted. The residential houses at the north have already disappeared, but this doesn't affect the compact layout and delicate elegance of the garden.





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