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Garden of the Master of the Nets(Wang Shi Garden)

Garden of the Master of the Nets The Garden of the Master of Nets is one of the four greatest gardens in


. It is located at southeast of Suzhou city with a history about 800 years. It’s the typical Chinese garden. It’s also the mark of the pint-size residential garden in the south of the lower reaches of the

Yangtze River

. Nowadays, this garden is a new spotlight in China tour.
The garden was built in 1174. It used to be Mr. Zheng’s villa at the beginning in China's Song Dynasty. The years kept tick away, the master and the name of this garden were changed. In 1940, Mr. He bought this garden and changed the name as the Garden of the Master of Nets. In 1950, the son of Mr. He donated this garden to the nation, and the unique name remained.good views in it. I is
Although this is a pint-size garden with just 1.3 acre in area, there are a lot of divided into three parts : the residential houses, the landscape view garden and the inner garden. The buildings in this garden are also small and exquisite. That made this garden seemed like a miniature view of ancient


There are many elegant arbors and odd rockery near the lake inside the garden. All the furniture is made in Korean pine in the houses, which they are alternate with small garden. The whole layout of the garden is very harmonious for seeing. There are many plants in the flowerbed inside the garden. The azalea is most often seen among all the plant. There is an amazing cypress tree which was planted by the first master of this garden that has hundreds years history.
With its long history, Chinese culture and beautiful view, the Garden of the Master of Nets become famous in Suzhou tour.
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