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Shanghai Xintiandi Plaza

Shanghai Xintiandi
Relevent Shanghai Xintiandi Tour
Shanghai Xintiandi Scene (xīn tiān dì, 新天地,pronounced Shin tea-en dee) is an ideal urban place for tourists to appreciate historical and cultural legacies of Shanghai as well as fashionable life in Shanghai. Technically, it is a pedestrian street which composed of Shikumen (石库门,a unique classic Shanghai tenement in the middle of 19th century) and modern architectures; meanwhile it is a hottest new entertainment district in Shanghai attracting many visitors from the entire world. By the way, if you are looking to find a trace, a piece of the history of one of the most famous cities of the early Twentieth Century, you should come here!

Xintiandi occupies an area of 30,000 square meters. This plaza is divided into the south block and the north block by Xingye Road(兴业路). It’s a place where yesterday meets today, the east meets the west. Although the appearance of some architectures are still keeping exactly the same as 19th century, like red bricks, black tiles and Shikumen, inside of them, having all conveniences such as an automatic elevator, central air-conditioner , international gallery, international cuisines, boutiques, teahouses, cinemas, coffee bars. It always heads in the stage of international fashion. If you are a fan of Jackie Chan, fortunately, you will have a chance to meet him in the Oriental charming entertainment dining hall.

Every big city has its own landmarks for culture, history or other stuffs, after you visiting here then you will agree that Xintiandi is definitely a landmark of Shanghai. Thanks to Benjamin Wood, an American architect, who disdained preservation and believed that it is not a good idea to proclaim things dead and just turn them into museums. Finally, we get these magic, charming and living areas, where people can eat, drink and enjoy themselves.

Opening Time:24hours

It’s in the center of Shanghai City and surrounded by south of Huaihai Zhong Lu(淮海中路), Taicang Road(太仓路), South Huangpi Road(Huang Pi Nan Lu, 黄陂南路), Madang Road(马当路), and Zizhong Road(自忠路)with convenient transportation.

1、Take City Sightseeing Bus and get off at Xin Tian Di.
2、Take metro 1 and get off at South Huangpi Rd. Station,then get out from Exit 3 and walk southwards along South Huangpi Road.
3、Take metro line 10 and get off at Xintiandi Station, then get out from Exit 6 to Madang Road and walk to the north to Xin Tian Di.
5、Take bus 146, 781, 911, 926, 42.

If you like it , you may also like Tianzifang(田子坊), which is also a welcoming art street in Shanghai,just two kilometers away from here.
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