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Shanghai Old Street


shanghai old streetKnown as Middle Fangbang Road, Shanghai Old Street(formerly Miaoqian Avenue) has a total length of 825 meters, and is adjacent to the Yuyuan Garden Bazaar Area and runs in an east-west direction from Renmin Road to South Henan Road, with both ends marked by decorated archways.

This old street is divided into the eastern and western parts at Guanyi Street. After decoration and renovation, the eastern section preserves the features of residences in latter Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China so you will see houses on both sides of the street are fitted with lattice windows, shop-fronts of wooden boards, balustrades and swing doors, cornices with rake angle, and tiles with flower-shaped edge, and walls in shape of horse head. While the western part focuses on imitating architectures in Ming and Qing Dynasties which with black tiles and white-washed walls, red columns and upturned eaves in order to highlight the folk customs of old Shanghai.

100 years ago, the earliest native banks, gold stores, silverware shops, pubs, teahouses, theaters and other stores, almost all the traditional industries opened here. Now you still have the chance to see those hundred-year old stores, such as Tonghanchun Pharmacy, Laotongsheng food store, Wuliangcai glass shop, Wanyouquan, Qiu Tianbao, Old Shanghai Tea House, Deshun Restaurant, Chunfeng Deyi Restaurant, Xishi Soya Beancurd Store, Dingniangzi Cloth Store, Rongshun Restaurant and Boyintang. In the meantime, there are also newly opened Danfeng Tea House, Clinic of renowned traditional Chinese medical doctors and other stores with traditional characteristics.The western section has a number of antique & curio shops as well as restaurants and teahouses, and the eastern section has a variety of shops including florists, shoe and clothing retailers, noodle restaurants and specialty dealers selling Chinese tea and snacks such as live Fragrance Beans.

Shanghai Old StreetAs an important part of Yuyuan Garden business tourist area, the old street together with Mingxing Street northern pictures “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” which showing us an old Shanghai. All in all, wandering on this ancient street, you will learn the development of Shanghai from Qing Dynasty up to 1949. It is an ideal place to explore the Old Shanghai, and look back to the old days. When having a shanghai tour, you may not miss the special Shanghai Old Street, which will make your China tour more joyful.

If you want to learn more about amorous feelings of Shanghai, you can go to Kangjia Nong near the old street. Lanes by twists and turns, just like Beijing's Hutong, until now, many local shanghainese still live there.

1. Chunfengdeyi teahouse is a famous old teahouse. The most famous tea here is Yuanbao Tea served with two green olive (green olive in shanghai dialect means “please come here”); and there is Suzhou Pingtan (a storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 4pm.
2. The old Shanghai teahouse is also worth going. Moreover, you can see more than 50 Cheong-sams(Chi-pao, kind of traditional dress) in 1930’s which are collected by the teahouse’s boss displaying here.
3. Xiaotaoyuan Mosque is so close that you can walk there to appreciate and taste some Muslim food.

By metro:
Take Line 8 and get off at Laoximen station
Take Line 9 and get off at Xiaonanmen station
Take Line 10 and get off at Yuyuan Garden.





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