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Lvbolang Restaurant

lvbolang restaurant, Shanghai cuisineLvbolang(绿波廊) Restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Shanghai. A mass of foreign governmental leaders and famous people in other fields have enjoyed  food here,though it is not highlighted with the deluxe decorations. It looks significant and customers can see the Chenghuangmiao(Town God’s Temple) directly just through the windows.The cuisine served here is mainly featured of the local food and cooking style. Besides, its dim sum is quite famous, particularly Guihua Lagao(桂花拉糕,Cake of Laurel )which is fairly famous as a snack that Clinton, Ex-president of the USA, likes it very much. Since 1973, there were more than 50 foreign governmental leaders have had dinner in Lvbolang Restaurant like Samdech Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia, President Rudolf Schuster of Czechoslovakia, Fidel Castro of Cuba,  Queen Elizabeth II  and Clinton of the USA. Currently, during Shanghai Expo, Lvbolang restaurant is quite welcome and becomes a hot destination of enjoying Shanghai cuisine, and some customers even require The Set Meals used to be served specially for Clinton or Castro. 

                          large meatball                                                                 crystal shrimp
Shanghai is an international city, and Lvbolang Restaurant as one of the top eating destinations is surely a sign of Shanghai Cuisine Culture. Gradually, eating in Lvbolang Reataurant is becoming one of the top things to do in Shanghai. This is a great honor! Samdech Norodom Sihanouk in Lvbolang mainly ate 12 kinds of dishes and 14 kinds of dim sums in 1973. It is the special dinner with the largest number of dim sums of famous persons in Lvbolang Restaurant. In 2001, during Shanghai APEC Summit, Alejandro Celestino Toledo Manrique, President of Peru had a good time enjoying Chinese dim sums at night in Lvbolang Restaurant with the performance of Chinese traditional music. It is an impressive dinner, he said later. 

The famous Shanghai snack in Lvbolang Restaurant is quite tender with fragrant smell.

For Clinton’s dinner, it is actually a family dinner at the time. In fact, there were five restaurants under consideration. For confirming which one is the best,consulate of U.S.A carried out no less than 10 times of secret investigations. After a strict check, they finally selected Lvbolang Restaurant because the service in Lvbolang is absolutely perfect. During the dinner, the major problem Clinton faced was how to eat Guihua Lagao with Chinese chopsticks. Clinton himself said in America he had exercised how to use chopsticks for more than one month. But, this time, he hardly ate such delicious food because of its tenderness though he had tried a lot, even changed three times of chopsticks. Eventually, with the help of servants, he enjoyed the special food in Lvbolang Restaurant.

Lvbolang Restaurant is a special restaurant with the special historical background of serving international famous people. But luckily enough, we could get the same service when we take a Shanghai travel.

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