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Jade Buddha Temple


The present Jade Buddha Temple(Yu Fo Si, 玉佛寺) in Shanghai was built in 1918 which is located at No.170, Anyuan Road (安远路). The temple follows the architectural style of the Song Dynasty with a precise layout and harmonious structure. Inside the temple are the Heavenly-king Hall (Tian Wang Dian, 天王殿), Great Hall (Da Xiong Bao Dian, 大雄宝殿), and Jade-Buddha Hall (Yu Fo Lou, 玉佛楼).

shanghai jade buddha temple

In 1882, Master Huigen(慧根)of Putuo Mountain(普陀山) passed the mountains of Wutai(五台山)and Emei(峨眉山)then entered Tibet and India for commemorating the Buddha. Huigen got the jade by excavating mountains with the help of local Chinese working overseas. Carving the jade into 5 Buddha statues he then carried them back to Putuo Mountain; both the sitting Buddha and lying Buddha were left in Shanghai. Subsequently, the Jade-Buddha Temple was built but destroyed by wars in the year 1918. Fortunately the jade Buddha statues were saved and a new temple was built on the present site. The two precious jade Buddhist statues became not only rare cultural relics but also porcelain artworks.

shanghai jade buddha temple

During the first and the fifteenth day of each month in the Chinese lunar calendar or during some traditional festivals related with Buddhism, believers are used to gather at the temple to pray for happiness and Buddha's blessing. It is really impressive and distinct that the temple in urban city is so popular, crowded, and holy.

shanghai jade buddha temple


Add: 170 Anyuan Road
City area: Putuo
Directions: near Jiangning Road
Tel: 80-21-6266-3668
Open:8:00am to 4:30pm
Fee: RMB 30

shanghai jade buddha temple

Metro: take Metro No 7 to Changshou Road Station. Leave at Exit 5 and walk eastward along Xinhui Road. Turn right till Jiangning Road and walk to the temple on the next crossroad

Bus options: Bus No 19, 206, 738 get off at Jiangning Road Anyuan Road Station


shanghai jade buddha temple


shanghai jade buddha temple

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