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Yalong Beach

Sanya Yalong Beach, southern China The famous South China beach is located 28 kilometers to the southeast of downtown Sanya, Hainan Island. It is a bay in crescent shape with a beach length about 7.5 kilometers and the water area of the bay is about 66 square kilometers. The sand on the beach is white and soft, the sea is crystal-like blue and you may see through the water to a depth of seven to nine meters. Abundant underwater resources can be found, like kinds of coral reef, beautiful tropical fishes and rare to see shells. The water is quite warm all year round; you may swim and dive here at anytime that the sea surface temperature is 22 to 25 degrees Celsius (about 71 – 76 degrees Fahrenheit). Yalong Bay Beach (亚龙湾) has always been known locally as "The First Bay under the Heaven", which is a paradise on our planet. 

Apart from excellent sandy beach, sunny blue sky, clean water and Sanya Yalong Beach, southern China scenic mountains, there are virgin mangrove forest, lines of coco trees, exotic flowers and tropical vegetation. Holiday hotels with different architectural and service styles are juxtaposed along the beach. They look like a brilliant pearl embedded on Yalong Beach with shining beauty. Now Sanya's Yalong Beach has become a business card of Hainan Island's tourism. It also becomes a fashionable destination for Chinese people to visit when they are choosing places for their vacations.
Besides those activities, you are also welcomed to stroll around  shell shop under the central square. If you love butterfly, then Valley of Butterfly will be your good choice. It is 1.5 kilometers to the central square, taking butterfly culture as theme. Here, you could find rare plants like dracaena draco. In side of the valley, small bridges over flowing waters, birds singing. Thousands of butterflies will surround you. “Yudaifengdie” is the embodiment of Liangzhu, a couple who experienced many sufferings to get together in shape of butterflies at last. 
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