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Chang Family's Compound


Chang Family's Compound is located in the southwest of Dongyang town in Yuci, about 17.5 kilometers away from Yuci. It is the private estate of Chang family's, a merchant prince in Qing Dynasty. The Lofty Gate is E-W facing, known as GuoGenJi. There is a river outside the walls encircling the Grand Courtyard. Before the entrance door, there is a white stone arch bridge. Facing the gate is a east-west stone street, all the repaired houses lie in a line to the north. There is a garden more than 100 acres and has north-south style in o¬ne combined, named "whisht garden". Beside the tower, pavilion and terrace, there are Mulberry Park and Apricot Park, in winter, the lake freeze, and in the spring, the apricots bloom, and the scent filled the garden.


As an old and well-known scholarly and refined family insisted learning before doing business, Chang Family attached many importance to education. In the family, apart from the Imperial Scholars, First-Degree Scholars, Certified Students, there are also masters of writing and painting. In addition to the deep Confucian culture, the content of art is also high. The compound-type door, window, painting, horizontal inscribed board, couplets, brick, wood carvings, and tablets spread out in all of the compound, which can be called Shanxi cultural products.
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