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Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival 2015, Tips,Routes and Photos

lyingchi peach blossom festival 
Nyingchi, the back garden of Tibet, allures for its diversified and lush landscape resulting from lovely climate. Snow peaks, grasslands, Virgil forests, unspoiled Tibetan villages, and the biggest valley on earth, Nyingchi has them all. Add to this is the dazzling peach blossoms, which colonize and flood mountainsides, slopes, grasslands and villages each spring, with beauty defies explanation.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Timetable of Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival 2015

From March 30 to April 20, the 13th Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival 2015 takes place at the picturesque Gala Village(嘎拉村), south Tibet.
lyingchi peach blossom festival
lyingchi peach blossom festival

See and Do

1 Get lost in a fairyland of peach blossoms set against snow-capped Himalaya mountain range, world-class lush Virgil forests and idyllic Tibetan villages.

2 Walk in Gala Village to see peach blossoms, authentic Tibetan wedding ceremony performance and archery show

Hemmed in by clusters of snow-capped mountains are sapphire blue lakes bordering grasslands, tranquil villages and incense-wreathed temples. In Gala of Nyingchi, peach bloom brilliantly, herdsmen live happily while wildlife roams freely in the windswept alpine meadows or forests. A perfect getaway for both nature enthusiasts and culture aficionados.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

3 Join in the festive Guozhuang Dance with locals around a bonfire.
Guozhuang dance rivals Samba and Tango in terms of rhythm, melody and pace. It is easy to study and perform. A good ice-breaker. After several rounds of passionately Guozhang Dance, chance is that you will feel home away from home.
lyingchi peach blossom festival
Guozhuang Dance, Tibetan collective dance

Itinerary for 7-Day Nyingchi Peach Blossom Trip


ShanghaiLhasa— Nyingchi –Lulang —Basum Lake–Lhasa –Shanghai
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day1 Arrival at Lhasa and check in a Lhasa hotel

Upon arrival at Lhasa Airport elevated at 3650m, you will be greeted and escorted by our professional bilingual guide to your home in Tibet. Slow down, have a good sleep to acclimatize life in the world rooftop.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day2 Lhasa - Gala Valley - Bayi Town

Explore Gala Valley (the centerpiece of the peach blossom scene in Nyingchi). Enjoy peach blossoms, Tibetan singing, dancing, wedding and archery performances as well as delicious food.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day3 Bayi – Lulang Forest Sea – Bayi Town

Spend the morning in Bayi Village to enjoy Tibetan lifestyle, head to Lulang Town to have a divine super: the world famous Stone Pot Chicken Soup (RMB 100/per person) with amazing taste and high medicinal value
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Dive in Lulang Forest Sea, the most beautiful forest in Tibet, to relax and rejuvenate. During the way to Lulang Forest Sea, pause at Sejila Mountain, to have a panoramic view of Namjagbrawa Peak, the equivalence of the Swiss Alps.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day4 Basum lake – Nyang River -- Lhasa

Visit Basum Tso Lake, one of the biggest barrier lakes in Tibet and Niyang River, the life-giving mother river in south Tibet. Blessed with snow mountains, holy lakes, villages, rolling pastures and historic sites, this area captivates and enchants. In addition, a galaxy of rare and endangered animals, birds and fowls flourishes here, winning it a nickname “Oriental Switzerland”. Basum Tso Lake is a playground of swans, sandpipers and fish.
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day 5 Potala Palace---Sera Monastery---Jokhang Monastery---Barkhor Street


Visit Potala Palace, Tibet’s White House and the Louvre Museum combined. Potala Palace is an architectural gem embracing Tibetan, Han Chinese and foreign influences.

It is a maze of chambers filled with golden statues, pagodas containing the remains of late Dalai Lamas and corridors painted with brilliant frescoes. The most important political, economic and religious rituals and festivals all take place here.

Sera Monastery beckons for the heated debate from monks.

Jokhang Temple is the most ancient temple across Tibet. It is home to the statue of Sakyamuni when he was 12 years old.

Jokhang Temple, together with Potala Palace, physically and spiritually forms the heart of Tibet.

After an intense cultural excursion to Tibet’s top three temples, we go to Barkhor Street jam packed with restaurants and shops. Barkhor Street is an open air museum of Tibetan culture, folklore, arts, traditions and handicrafts. Strolling along its shops is a refreshing way to learn the multi-dimensional Tibetan culture at a leisure pace.

After one day’s trip, we can depart from Lhasa by train or flight, and our guide will see you off at airport or railway station. Thank you for traveling with us and we hope for safe travels back to your hometown!
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Day6 Free time and departure from Lhasa, get back to Shanghai

Estimated cost: 1029 US Dollars per person (including three star hotel five night accommodations with daily breakfast, local SUV transport, sight entry tickets, travel insurance, and bilingual Tibetan guide service)

Accommodation standards: three star hotel with five nights’ hotel accommodation and daily breakfast
lyingchi peach blossom festival

Service Included:


1 Be escorted by well-trained informative bilingual guides during the trip (small group with 3-8 people is accepted)

2 Airport pick-up, full off-road SUV vehicles (3-seat or 4-seat), entry tickets of main sights mentioned in the route

3 We promise you won’t be forced to shop

4 Since 2013, foreigners can enter into Tibet within the limit of number and nationality.

5 Anti-altitude sickness medicine, lorry oxygen bottles, sleeping kit with air pillow, will be provided

6 3-star hotels within 5 nights with Chinese and Western breakfast, train/air ticket booking service, car-rental service
lyingchi peach blossom festival


Service not include:

Main transport from and to Lhasa, people will pay at their own expense, Absolute China Tours can help book the airfair or train tickets

Lunch and dinner

Single room supplement 900 RMB / person

Personal expense and unpredictable costs

Drop us an email if you have doubts or want to join in: or Skype us in
lyingchi peach blossom festival
Author: Sophia   Posted on Mar 5, 2014   All rights reserved.
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