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Ka Ding Heavenly Buddha Waterfall
The Ka Ding Holy Mountain Heavenly Buddha Waterfall (卡定神山天佛瀑布) is located in Ka Ding Trough along the Niyang River(尼洋河), about 24 kilometers to Bayi Town(八一镇) in Nyingchi, southwest Chinas Tibet ...
Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival 2015, Tips,Routes and Photos
This week-long trip introduces us to Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival. Let us enjoy Guozhuang dance and Tibetan food in Bayi and Lulang amid snow mountains and forests....
Tibet Top Ten Hiking Trails
Tibet top ten hiking trails including hiking Mt Klaish,hiking from Ganden to Samye, hiking from Lhasa to Yangpanchen,muoto hiking,etc....
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