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Putuo Buddhist Mountain



Putuo Buddhist  Mountain is one of islands of Zhoushan Archipelago in Ningbo of East China, which is comprised of 1390 islands. The total area of Putuo Mountian is 12.93 square kilometers. It is one of China’s four great Buddhist Mountains. Putuo Mountain is the first group of national key places of interests, generally called Buddhism Heaven on the sea and the Holy-land on South Sea. It is a Five-A tourism destination in China. The immortal mountains in clouds and waters offer travelers the feeling of mystery, strangeness, and sanctity.

Putuo Mountain is a famous Kwan-yin Ceremony center in China. Such a religion ceremony is traced back to Qin Dynasty, the original Taoist Temple sites are easily found and the elixir-making sites are also found easily. In 847, an Indian Monk visited Chao-Yin Cave and was influenced by Kwan-yin Buddha, since then the Buddhist sites were established. There are 3 large temples, 88 Nun Temples and 128 thatched temples. There are more than 4000 monks; it is crowned to be the first Buddhist land in China. On 19th in the second month each year by lunar calendar, it is the birthday of Kwan-Yin, on 19th in the sixth month by Lunar Calendar, it is the day of Kwan-yin getting the Buddhism tenet and on 19th in the ninth month by Lunar Calendar, and it is the day that Kwan-yin became Buddha. On these days, the Buddhist believers from all directions are gathering here for commemorating these Buddhist Events, the ceremony is splendid and amazing and full of sublimity and solemnity. The time-honored Buddhist Ceremony accumulated deep Buddhism culture and history. Nearly all the people are respecting Kwan-yin Buddha. Kwan-yin Belief has been considered to be Half-Asia Belief. 

Putuo Mountain is surrounded by sea with the unique landscape. It is called Sea-isle Arboretum. There are 66 kinds of trees with more than 100 years age. Many rare trees in local can be found there. Three major temples in Putuo Mountain are Puji Temple, Fayu Temple and Huiji Temple. The symbols of Putuo Mountain are Kwan-yin Bronzy Statue, Purple Bamboo Zone, and in summer, there was also one of famous summer-place, Baibusha, a bathing place.

More than 2000 years ago, Putuo Mountain was the best place for Taoists’ cultivation. One of the Taoism leaders, Ge Hong also selected this place for his site. It was also the important part of Silk-Road on the sea in Ancient China. Early in Tang Dynasty, it is the important place for exchange between China and Japan, Korea and countries in Southeast Asia. Many a celebrity such as Lu You, a famous patriot and a famous poet in South Song Dynasty; Dong Qichang, a famous official who was good at painting and calligraphy. A large number of rare and treasured stone inscriptions are available. The cultural relics here are very rich. The Buddhism in Putuo Mountain was also emphasized by the rulers or emperors in different dynasties. Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Dynasty and Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty used to present them gifts or give a high-level treatment. 

The best time for visit is autumn. In November each year, South-Sea Kwan-Yin Cultural Festival is opened. It is one of three tourism festivals in Zhoushan. On the three Kwan-yin Special Ceremony Days, it is most welcome and popular period. There was a famous story to show the influence of Buddhism in Putuo Mountain. On Spetember, 29 by Lunar Calendar in 1997, South-sea Kwan-yin open-air Bronzy Statue was established in the densely cloudy day. Suddenly, it sharply became sunny and shining as soon as Miao shan Monk-master declared the opening information. It is an amazing story! 


Some Notes for Travel:

1, during the hot touring days, such as some national legal days like Spring Festival, Mid-autumn day, May Day as well as the days concerned Kwan-yin, you had better fully prepared for your trip because it is crowded.

2, be careful, when you want to take photos on the reefs. Especially it is slippery. Smoking is forbidden in the woods area. Burning the joss sticks in the open air is also not permitted. Belly-worship for the sea food is harmful for your trip.

3, summer swimming in sea is a good way for leisure, but the towel, slippers and swimsuits are better be bought before you go there.





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