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Leye-Fengshan World Geopark


The most ideal summer resort, mountain hikers and cave adventurers' paradise: Leye-Fengshan World Geopark

Overview of Leye-Fengshan World Geopark

Locatd in the northwestern area of Guangxi Province, the transitional slope where Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau greets Guangxi Basin, Leye-Fengshan World Geopark consists of Leye Dashiwei Tiankeng Clusters Geopark and Fengshan Karst Geopark, covering an area of 930 km2. It is blessed with the grandest Tiankeng(Giant Doline) in the world, the most concentrate caves and skylights group, the longest natural bridge, representative Karst cave sediments, primitive panda’s skull fossils as well as new and rare fauna&flora species inhabited in the Tiankeng environment. 

Distinguished by the enticing Karst landform, it also enjoys the reputation as the longevity county, the hometown of Tiankeng and orchid. In 2010, it is ratified by UNESCO as a world geopark.


What to see in Leye-Fengshan World Geopark

Among the 94 Tiankeng(giant docile) in the world, there are over a half distributed in China, and Leye City of Guangxi Province is bestowed with 28. Among them, one is super giant Tiankeng, 20 are medium-sized and 7 are small ones. Furthermore, the Tiankeng clusters boast complete Karst landform include low-lying lands, funnel-shaped landform, caves, underground rive, vertical well, thus is famed by geologists as “the Perfect Karst Landform”, “the World Museum of Tiankeng”.

Dashiwei Tiankeng

Formed in about 65million years ago, Dashiwen Tiankeng stretches over 600 meters from East to West and 420 meters from North to South, with vertical depth of 613 meters. It looks like a giant volcanic crater enveloped by steep cliffs on four sides, sheltering approximately 96000 square meters virgin forest, the biggest underground virgin forest in the world. This place is home to many ancient and new flora& fauna species also.

Dashiwei Tiankeng’s underground cave measures 20m in width and 40m in height. People compare it as a huge treasure house filled with sparkling and eye-dazzling stone formations. There are two underground rivers here, one is cold and the other is warm.

Standing on the sightseeing terrace of this tiankeng which looks like a fairyland in misty days, you can fully enjoy the spectacular scenery composed by indulating mountain ranges in far, the biggest Karst Funnel-shaped Loudou in the world and the 9600 square meters' pattern which resembles an upward down Chinese map.

Besides its formation reasons, underground rivers and caves which boast the numerous wonders, there are six mysterious myths of Dashiwei Tiankeng.

There are Six myths of Dashiwei Tiankeng

Six myths of Dashiwei Tiankeng

First, the virgin forest of Dashiwei covers an area of 96000 square meters, and there is a pattern resembles Chinese map which stretches an area of 9600 square meters, echoing Chinese territory which is 9.6 million km2.   

Second, the mysterious disappearance of a policemen called Tan Liguang(覃礼广) on November 10, 1999 when he assisted a group of experts to go across the underground river. One year later, one American couple sacrificed some chickens and ducks before they enter Dashiwei Tiankeng, and they found Tan Liguang’s body. Kindly remind you not to litter everywhere here or throw RMB into it.
Third, do not hurt the guest greeting pine tree on top of Dashiwei Tiankeng. One worker once tried to carve his name into this giant pine tree, but he fell down and his right hand got hurt. He stayed in hospital for one month and still did not recover, then he made the sacrifice ritual under the pine tree, the magical thing happened, he fully recovered in 2 days.
Fourth: Please do not bring anything out from Dashiwei Tiankeng. On May 8, 2002, a science research team composed of nine males entered Dashiwei Tiankeng. They were enchanted by the scenery of beautiful blossom and especially the grotesque stones inside, so they filled pockets full of stones. Though they followed the guide’s suggestion and did not bring them out, there is one guy kept one extremely beautiful stone inside of his pocket secretly. The tragedy stroke them later, on their way back, a car accident happened, all others survived except this guy.

The Fifth Myth: the weather of Dashiwei. According to local people, as long as there is any person enters into Dashiwei, or just a big rock falls into it, no matter how sunny it is, rain will pour down, accompanied by gales, thunders and lightings. And once the disturbance ends, it will resume tranquil sunny weather again. There is no conclusion about this phenomenon yet. Some guess it is because of the unique geological environment and air pressure here.

The Sixth Myth: there is a Lotus Cave near Dashiwei (also known as Luomei Cave) which shelters 296 lotus basins, which is a marvelous scene and scientists are still working on their formation reasons.

Rare Shrimp

Rare Fish


Rare White Owl

New Specy: Crab

Huangjing Tianken(黄獍洞天坑)

With well-formed cliffs and flat bottom, the 38200 square meters Huangjing Tianken with average depth of 140m ranks as the most perfect Tiankeng in this geopark and the ideal cliff climbing place. 3 climbing routes and 2 descending routes are developed by present.

 Huangjing Tianken(黄獍洞天坑)

Chuandong Tiankeng(穿洞天坑)

It is 312m in height, covering an area of 30,000square meters. caves and underground rivers are distributed under its west cliff and east cliff respectively.

 Chuandong Tiankeng

Baidong Tiankeng(白洞天坑)
You can reach the bottom of Baidong Tiankeng through its northewest side, and reach the sunshine hall of underground cave through south cliff. In thesunshine hall, you can appreciate the beautiful scene of evaporation mist. The local bamboo named Chimonobambusa is very unique.

Baidong Tiankeng

Dacao Tiankeng


 Buddha Light in Dashiwei Tiankeng

 Natural Bridge

 Stalactities Under Natural Light

Stalactities Under Natural Light

Sanmenhai Scenic Area(三门海风景区)

May you have toured many places, but Sanmenhai is definitely a place you should not miss. The enchanting crystal blue waterscape is attractive enough to draw tourists worldwide, let alone the combination of the marvelous Tiankeng landform clusters, the fascinating underground caves, lakes, natural bridges and rivers. In this place where mountains, rivers and caves play the game of hide and seek, you can enjoy one of the most enticing Karst landscape in the world when adventure into the remote corner of it.





 Crystal Palace







Buliu River Immortal Bridge(布柳河仙人桥)

It measures about 220m long, 165m in height and 19.3m in width, with thickness of 78m.

Buliu River Immortal Bridge

Gengshechuan Cave(射更穿洞)

Located in northwest side of Boxin underground river, Gengshechuan Cave has two caves. Its northwest cave and southeast cave are 60m and 76m in height,142 m and 78m in width respectively.

Luomei Cave(罗妹洞)

Luomei cave consists of two layers. The upper layer boasts limestone formations which resemble waterfalls, shields, bamboo, lotus, beads, tiered terraces, ect. Among them, the most marvelous scene is 296 lotus basins (the biggest one has the diameter of 9.2m). Stones beads scatter around the lotus basins look like dews. The lower layer is consist of crooked underground rivers, which is suitable for adventure.

Luomei Cave

Yuanyang Spring Scenic Area(鸳鸯泉风景区)
This scenic area consists of two sites: Yuanyang Spring and Yuanyang Cave which shelters a 36.4 m high stalactites. It is famed by experts as the most imposing cave in China.

Yuanyang Cave: Sceneries inside appear in pairs

Chuanlongyan Scenic Area(穿龙岩风景区)

This area mainly features cultural landscape include Leifeng Ancient Temple, ancient tomb clusters, ect.

Best Travel Season: March to November
Yuanyang Travel Tips
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