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Yangshan Mountain Steles

Yangshan Mountain StelesYangshan Mountain (阳山) is at the west of Tangshan Town of Nanjing. The series of giant stele was built under the decree of Zhu Di, the son of Ming Dynasty's first emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang. He wanted to build steles to memorize his great and influential father. This action was due to the fact that Zhu Di had done a successful military coup in the year 1405 to oust the emperor power of his nephew, who had been handpicked by Zhu Yuanzhang as his successor. But Zhu Di was afraid of his people, so his built the memorial steles to honor his father's merits to the Ming Dynasty and to stabilize the political condition.

Zhu Di recruited over ten thousand experienced workmen Yangshan Mountain Stelesfrom all over the country to carve three big steles to form a gigantic whole. The top part of it was height 15 meters, thick 8.4 meters and wide 10.7 meters. The main body of the stele is 45, 4.4 and 10.7 meters of height, thick and wide respectively. The base stone is 13, 13 and 16 meters in corresponding dimensions. If the gigantic stele stood there, it would be the largest stele in the world. It had a total height of 73 meters and weight 31,000 tons ! After these three parts were formed, the workmen did not put them into a whole and abandoned since then. The reason of this situation had two sayings. First, because the strength of the Ming Dynasty had been weakening since the death of Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Di later moved China's capital to Beijing, there was no use for such stele being stood in Nanjing. Second, the transportation method at that time was very limited, rolling logs or sliding on ice was still so difficult to transfer these giant stone blocks from one place to another.
Yangshan Mountain Steles 

Moreover, in 1993, the head bones of ancient people were discovered in Tangshan Mountain but nothing was found for tools that Nanjing Ape Man used. Recently archeological units of Nanjing have discovered stone tools from Nanjing Ape Man era. This added an important page of archeological history for Jiangsu Province.
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