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Shencemen Yuecheng Park

Shencemen Yuecheng ParkIt is said that Shencemen Gate (神策门) is planned and designed by the prominent counselor of the first emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, Liu Bowen. People getting in and out Nanjing must pass the left and right doors, but one of these should be opened in normal days. This truly materialized Zhu Yuanzhang's flexible thinking and design according to different situations and environments.

Although the remote location, the gate is near the scenic Xuanwu Lake (玄武湖). It also faces north to Mufushan Mountain (幕府山) and Yangtze River, so it has high strategic position in Nanjing's defense historically.

In order to set up an anti-Qing Dynasty enterprise, General Koxinga (郑成功) accepted the order by the Ming army, to attack the Qing forces on China's southeast coast and the important city of Qing – Nanjing. Koxinga led a hundred-thousand strong force stayed on Mufushan Mountain, cut off land and water traffic, thus they isolated Nanjing, where it had about ten thousand Qing soldiers staying.

Shencemen Yuecheng ParkMing and Qing forces had two fierce battles at Shencemen Gate and the latter had lost over a thousand. The local governor decreed to close the city gate and the battle was temporary ended. He tried his best to ask for help while dragged on by dirty tricks. Koxinga was too indulged in his victory over Qing forces and carelessly ignored the present danger. He accepted one month cease fire appeal by Qing army.

The loose guard at Mufushan Mountain by the Ming army was discovered by Qing. In one night Qing forces opened the right door of Shencemen Gate. They went out of Nanjing and had a successful sneak attack. They won over Ming at dawn. Koxinga's forces retreated and their enterprise ended in failure.

In 2001 the renovated Shencemen Gate site has become Shencemen Yuecheng Park. It reveals the important part of Nanjing's history.
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